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I just talked to my dad and he suggested that I get some "Acra 60" (spelling) bonding stuff to apply to existing concrete to establish a good bond when applying a layer of new crete material and basically feather it out by hand until there is no slop
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I need to pass a bipolar electrical cable through a concrete beam (30cm high, 15 cm wide) (12x6 inches). The hole would need to be about 1cm (3/8"). Is it safe to drill through it? There is no wall below it and one of its columns is "upside down" (se
So my partner and I are trying to resurface a concrete wall in an old house in Taiwan. Before I get into the nitty gritty of asking how, I just want to clarify my terminology first – I think I've got plaster and some other things confused. This is wh
The proper way is to mix the concrete in a mixer with the correct amount of water. You will get the best, most durable concrete with the highest strength. You can eventually get the concrete to cure by relying on exterior moisture, but it wll take a
I agree with Rosie, don't screw around with that "excess concrete lip". That's your foundation's footer & is a precise profile & dimension doing extremely hard & vitally important work. For the back steps
Do portions of your concrete patio or pool deck sit under water after a heavy rain, ruining your outdoor activities? That’s a sure sign that your patio isn’t draining properly. Poor patio drainage not only spoils your outdoor fun, it can also allow w
Personally I don't like concreting in wooden posts, because eventually they will rot and have to be replaced. Getting the old concrete out is then difficult. Ideally, concrete in a short concrete fence post and use coach screws to fix your wooden pos
Flooding within the crawl space can be problematic since all the mechanical systems are located under the house within the space. Crawl Space Foundation Slab FoundationA slab of concrete is poured directly on the ground. This is used in areas where t
I'm sure the following is just for the money, but here's the cut-n-paste answer: Storage Conditions Protecting building materials from water and weather elements is important. Exposure to the weather not only damages building materials by moisture in