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I am interested in the opinions of any experienced tile-setters here as to ceramic tile or stone laid on concrete regarding crack isolation. I am building a new house with lightweight concrete poured on the main floor. The mix has fiber mesh and poly
I am in the process of laying DRIcore panels in my basement. The ultimate plan is to lay laminate (Pergo) floor once we reach the finish stages. I have a few small areas where the concrete dips about an inch or so
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Isherwood's statement is correct in that basement floors are smooth but the surface is made smooth using a power trowel. A power trowel would be much too large to use for your application. I suggest using an aggregate free Portland cement and sand (o
Any concrete that is wet enough to flow into that space is probably too wet which weakens its strength. "Pouring" concrete is a misnomer. When it is properly mixed it has to be placed or pushed into position
I just wanted to get opinions on my plans to fix the somewhat sunken slab in our garage. We bought the house two years and (it's about 50 years old) and I have been monitoring the slab since day 1. It has not sunk any further so it's likely that the
having set thousands of posts of all kinds and sizes, i would offer this thought - its not the concrete speed or strength that matters, its the straightness of the post. and fyi, nobody who makes a living building fences mixes their concrete outside
Wear protective clothing. Wet concrete can splatter, stick to bare skin, and leave burns. Make sure that your body is completely covered
I have a small building on my property that is about 15ft by 10ft. The building sits on a slope that runs downhill sort of at an angle from one front corner to the opposite back corner. It sits on an odd foundation (at least odd in my experience)
The neighbor is a plant nursery, which use sprinklers to water inventory late at night. The report is that their sprinklers are watering our building which is an issue. As I understand it, even if the sprinkler are put back into calibration to avoid