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I am currently updating to a new gravel driveway for our house, and all the kerb edgings are now in. I need to add 2 rows of small square edging stones at the drive entrance. As these will be receiving the vehicular traffic on and off the drive, I wa
I am constructing a building from reinforced concrete and AAC blocks in Indonesia. The building will have a flat (2% sloping) roof of reinforced concrete. This will be exposed to tropical rain, as will a overhanging canopy
Since nobody else it going for this, then I'll give my two cents (based on limited experience, so please, anyone else feel free to chime in). When it comes to concrete roads, for example, after patching it a few times the road eventually becomes too
Color:Black With your premium wall / ceiling mount, you can use suspension straps & resistance bands for strength workouts, weight training yoga straps & more anywhere in your home. Best of all, the price is right! This rugged mount safely su
I am building a suspended terrace as per the image below The terrace is 1. 5 metres deep, and has two long sides of around 9m and 4. 5 metres
Make a concrete + iron bar table made from concrete and iron pipe fittings useing grey Quikrete Commercial Grade Countertop Mix cast into a melamine form to make the top. It's as smooth and hard as stone but weighs about 200 lbs. The base is made fro
A fireplace is a traditional centerpiece for a living room or parlor room, and when executed correctly, it adds ambience and actual warmth to a home. Building a fireplace is a fairly complex masonry project, and individuals who have no experience wit
I would like to install a 10' gate across my driveway to keep my 16 month old from running his tiny butt into traffic. The gate I intend to purchase is this one, with some PVC lattice to prevent climb-through: Basic details from retailer's website: 6
Ed is right that any grinder for concrete will handle thinset. However I doubt that the thinset is grindable. When thinset goes onto concrete there is no molecular bond that causes the thinset to stick permanently to the concrete
Is it possible to lay wood planks on tile mortar and grout in between with 1/8" gaps, like you would tile. I have a concrete slab sub floor that is all above ground level. I live in North Central Arizona