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One of the most common questions homeowners ask remodeling contractors is, “Should we hire an architect or a designer for our project?” For most small projects, such as enlarging a window opening or removing a non-bearing wall, the answer is no. The
You may be able to keep low-voltage wires out of sight and out of your path simply by running them under rugs and behind furniture. If not, here are some solutions for hiding speaker wire—or just about any other type of low-voltage wiring (for phones
) This "over engineering" allows you to put a large cabinet or waterbed in your upstairs bedroom, or a grand piano in the living room, and not having to worry about your home collapsing on you! This margin of safety, designed into structures via enfo
Tricks of the TradeUsing a structural ridge beam for your log cabin roofing is much stronger and more stable than a conventional ridge board held in place with rafters. It is also easier to assemble by installing the ridge beam and then hanging the r
Assume the horizontal member can be treated as a beam and assuming the diagonal member may be treated as a rod, what is its axial force as a function of the applied loading $P$ and length parameters $L_i$. Assume that the connection between the beam
I'm trying to make a gate structure for my attic to prevent people from falling through the pull-down stairs opening. For this, I'm joining threaded iron piping together with elbow joints and t-joints. The problem is that when I make try to make a re
Timeless Elegance A metal porch swing exudes elegance and is one of the most durable swings you can purchase. Versatile, metal swings can be simple in design or as ornate as you can imagine. Need a touch of color? Mary likes to add colorful cushions
I'm looking for a general estimate of "man hours" needed to build a small house. I'm sure it will vary widely. The purpose is curiosity, and to enable one to take it as reference and compare with time spent in another context