Converting dryer to 4 prong


When moving a newer dryer into an older house, one common problem is that the dryer has a 4 prong plug yet the outlet is the older type that accepts only plugs with 3 prongs.

Can you convert? If so, how do you convert it by yourself?

Luckily, you do not need to replace your dryer. Instead, you have two options, each of which costs less than $20 and requires only a screwdriver.

Option A. Convert Outlet from 3 Prong into 4 Prong

One option is to convert the 3 prong outlet into a more modern 4 prong outlet that is up to code.

In terms of permitting and code, this is not absolutely necessary. Your 3 prong outlet will be grandfathered in.

Option B. Convert Dryer Cord from 4 Prong into 3 Prong

The second option is easier: convert the dryer cord so that its plug is 3 prong. That way, it will fit into your 3 prong outlet.

You may be heartened to learn that the electrical wiring part of this project is simple. The hardest part is...

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[Summary]How to Replace a Dryer Cord that is Wrong (3 vs. 4 Prong Plug) Donate via or Venmo @TomahawkDIY Find a replacement plug on Amazon USA: Amazon Canada: Am... Replacing the Dryer power


How to Replace a Dryer Cord that is Wrong (3 vs. 4 Prong Plug)

Donate via or Venmo @TomahawkDIY Find a replacement plug on Amazon USA: Amazon Canada: Am...

Replacing the Dryer power cord from 3 to 4 prongs

My efforts to change out the plug on the dryer to fit the wall socket. IT WORKED!

I found this helpful answer from an electrician on

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The best answer may not be affordable, and therefore will get overlooked. I understand how this can be a problem with the owner of the house, but if the owner knew the potential hazard perhaps they would reconsider.
The best answer is to keep the 4 prong dryer cord in place, and replace the 3 hole wall receptacle AND feeder cable with a 4 hole receptacle and 4 conductor cable. It is the most expensive option, but it is the safest. The 2002 National Electrical Code (NEC) and every NEC after that has required 4 wires to the dryer. The 3 prong option is not being done away with to prevent a fire hazard, but a shock hazard. I don't want either one (fire or shock), but I sure do not like getting shocked. It can be a life ending experience.

According to present NEC codes, there is only one place in the home that the neutral (white) wire and grounding (green) wire is to be bonded, and that is at the main panel/meter base. A very potentially dangerous option as far as shock hazard...

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The four prong cord is ready for removal. Pay particular attention to where the white and green wires go.

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Have a four prong dryer cord and now need a three prong dryer cord, it’s simple to convert. Here is a basic example of how this block works-Left side (Hot)

I am changing dryer power cords, I get where the red, black and white cord go, but where does the green cord on the...

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Moving new appliances into an older home or apartment can lead the owner to having to convert a three-prong outlet to a four-prong outlet. When upgrading your outlet for an electric dyer, you will need to be sure the outlet matches the type of plug o

Moving new appliances into an older home or apartment can lead the owner to having to convert a three-prong outlet to a four-prong outlet. When upgrading your outlet for an electric dyer, you will need to be sure the outlet matches the type of plug on your dyer, as they can vary with each manufacturer. The four-prong outlet will have two wires dedicated to supplying 110 volts to the dryer, in addition to a neutral wire and a safety ground wire.

Skill level:Moderate

Things you need

ScrewdriverDryer outlet (four-prong outlet)Electrical cable (20-30 feet four wire cable, if needed)220 volt breaker (if needed)Wire cutters/strippers


1 Turn off the power to the existing dryer...

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A large number of older houses have 3-prong outlet sockets. However, most, if not all, new dryers are designed with a 4-prong cord which makes it difficult to plug your new dryer into an older socket and use it. This problem originated back in 1999 when it was passed as a safety law that new dryers need to have 4-prong cords.

Wouldn’t it be convenient if there was an adapter plug that could easily solve this issue? Unfortunately, none currently exists. So, how do you fix this incompatibility problem? Actually, there are two simple ways to go about it; either by converting your 3-prong socket outlets to 4-prong outlets or by converting your 4-prong dryer cord to a 3-prong dryer cord. In the following guide, we will look in-depth at the second method which is converting a 4-prong dryer cord into a 3-prong cord.

Converting Your Dryer Cord to 3-Prong

Converting your dryer cord is one of the easiest ways to fix the problem, and you can...

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White wire: The National Electric Code (NEC) requires that (with a few specific exceptions) the white wire is the "neutral" one. In other words, it is the grounded circuit conductor wire expected to carry current and that it is grounded at the point of entry to the home (aka at the breaker panel) and nowhere else.

Green wire: The NEC requires that grounds (grounded wires that only carry electricity in a fault situation, when something goes wrong) be either green or bare of insulation, and that ONLY grounds be colored green.

Other colored wires: Any and all other colors are open for use, except that they cannot be used as either a neutral or ground. Typical 240V outlets (as a dryer is) use black and red as the "hot" wires, but any colors except white and green are legally...

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I just bought a used dryer on Craigslist that has a 4-wire plug (14-30). My apartment has a 3-wire receptacle (10-30R). Is there a safe way to switch the plugs without an external ground?

I live in an apartment complex so outside installations are out of the question. The

installation manual

provides instructions for switching out the plug but stipulates in the 'Optional 3-Wire' section on page 9 that the previous steps are viable only if you follow codes. My state follows the 2011 NEC codes without alterations and, as far as I can tell, this means that it's legal for me to convert 4-wire to 3-wire because of the older model plug but it still has me a little bit worried.

Electrical engineering is a inside baseball to me but it seems that some internet commenters are worried that wiring the ground back into itself could electrify the frame. I've also read that bonding straps alleviate this problem somewhat but wouldn't this just create a pathway back into the...

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The National Electrical Code began requiring 4-prong receptacles for 220-volt residential circuits in 2000, but it doesn't prohibit you from using your older dryer with a 3-prong cord. Instead, it allows you to change the cord so that the dryer can be plugged into a modern receptacle, and the procedure isn't very complicated. Four-prong dryer cords, or pigtails, are available at hardware and electrical supply stores, and usually cost less than $20. To make the switch, you'll need a green ground screw to attach to the dryer body so the machine can be grounded by the ground wire.

Unplug the dryer and move it to an accessible spot. Unscrew the plate on the back that covers the electrical terminal with a screwdriver. You'll find the cover on the back of the dryer near the bottom of the machine at the point where the cord exits.

Loosen the three terminal screws holding the cord. Before you remove them and take off the cord, note the colors of the screws and the wires...

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