Questions about: copper

Recently, the club’s email reflector has been buzzing with discussion of the best wire for use in dipoles, both temporary and permanent installations. Many opinions were bandied back and forth, the details of which can be found in the reflector archi
see other post on this excellent physics forum https://www. physicsforums. com/threads/pressure-drop-in-elbows-bends-in-a-pipe
I'm replacing a copper DWV pipe with PVC since it's rotting out. It looks like this: There's the cast iron on the bottom going into the foundation, followed by a brass cleanout, a brass tee above that, and then finally the copper that I'll be replaci
I too have struggled with gluing copper and PVC for certain experiments. Silicone is an ok choice, depending on the pressure, but white silicone just happens to be less effective for sticking to stuff than clear silicone.
Absolutely not. Even if it was physically possible to solder them, it is a terrible idea to mix galvanized and copper in the same system. While it can be done by using a special fitting that connects them without a metal to metal contact, even that i
Frostproof faucets come in standard lengths like 8", 10" 12". You will need to measure the old one to get the proper length. The solder you see is from the factory and everything appears to be OEM up to where it screws into the elbow