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Great question! Most General Relativity textbooks seem deliberately obscure. I think everything is so “relative” that authors are afraid of saying anything definite, for fear of being ridiculed for some mistake. For example, we know that radial dista
Getting power to the machine is the easy part. The neutral goes to the silver screw in the center, and the two hots go to the brass screws on either side. Now the machine is powered
That space is pretty small and it's hard to get a finger in there. If it's far enough out that you could, then it's not far enough in to make electrical contact. So yes there can be a 1/4" gap, but your kid would have to get imaginative with paper cl
A keystone module for a CAT5 network cable A 3-port keystone wall plate A keystone module is a standardized snap-in package for mounting a variety of low-voltage electrical jacks or optical connectors into a keystone wall plate, face plate, surface-m
The other answers are pretty good; some minor sparking can be normal if the appliance is switched on when you plug it in because the plug and socket are the final links in the chain that let the current begin to flow. And sometimes sparking can indic
So I flipped out tonight when I smelled something like burning coming from my case. I put it on my workbench and fired it up with the side open so I could watch and smell for anything suspicious. All of the connections looked good, no dust buildup an
110-250V 180 Degree Rotatable Plug Adapter Travel Power 3 Supply HubSpecification:Material: PP,Copper sheetRated Current: 15ARated Voltage: 125VMaximum Power: 1500WColor: White/Blue/Green/Orange Weight : 40gDimension: 65x43x13mmScope: Suitable for ho