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topic 49508Q. I am building a outdoor deck in Rochester NY, a wet and cold climate for 4 + months of the year. I am using pressure treated lumber and want to use galvanized brad nails with a pneumatic air gun
Rust, the most familiar example of corrosion Volcanic gases have accelerated the extensive corrosion of this abandoned mining machinery, rendering it almost unrecognizable Corrosion on exposed metal, including a bolt and nut Corrosion is a natural pr
I have something better, as far as safety. I stood over my A/C installer and demanded they install a 240 V AC plug on the A/C unit, that plugs into a socket on the breaker box. Now when I need to do repairs or maintenance, I can unplug the unit and k
Grit paper is a type of rough paper used for woodworking, metal working, or other work on different materials. More commonly known as sandpaper, grit paper comes in several gradations known as grits; a fine grit sandpaper will remove less material fr