Cover all walls of the bathroom with bathroom tiles?


Ceramic Tile Shower Ideas: Bathroom Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are the vastly used tiles for bathrooms and kitchens. They come in a large variety of designs and sizes; this can make choosing the perfect ceramic tile for shower areas a bit confusing.

Shower Tile Ideas

Shower area is one of the most important sections of your bathroom. To make it look wonderful, is always a top priority while remodeling the bathroom. Try some amazing shower tile ideas that will definitely spruce up the look of...

Slate Tile Bathroom

Elegant, naturally-textured, and durable, slate tiles are a popular choice when it comes to bathrooms. There are numerous benefits of installing them in your bathroom and maintain them to maximize their durability.

Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Using pale and pastel shades with a few bright accents, can create a calm and cheerful atmosphere in your bathroom. Go through this article for some bathroom tile design...

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The fact cannot be denied that tiles are one of the most popular and liked materials for the walls of the bathroom. Whether it is bathrooms of houses, malls, or corporate offices, there is nothing that can beat wall tiles. There is a wide variety of tiles available in the market in different colors, styles, finishes and sizes. The most significant feature of the wall tiles is that they are very easy to install. It might surprise you, but you can even install the tiles on the bathroom walls all by your own. Here is a list of guidelines to assist you out –

Firstly, you need to determine the number of tiles you would require to cover the wall. For this, you need to measure the dimensions of the wall so that you can buy the same footage of tiles. Ensure to add 10 to 15% extra for cuts and wastage.

Prepare the wall by making it free of dust, grime and dirt. It must be mentioned that the tiles can be installed to the painted as well as non-painted wall.

Use a rule or...

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In our project, we brought an old '70s bathroom into classic Art Deco style. We removed a wall where an old single vanity used to be in favor of a double vanity. To get the plumbing ready for the new vanity, a vented T was added (Image 1) and the drainpipe extended.

Since the backerboard is already installed around the tub, the tile is ready to be installed. In our project, the homeowner met with a tile expert for design advice and was impressed by handmade 3x6" subway tile. Compared to mechanical or machine-made tile which are lower priced, handmade tiles feature more pooling of the glazes at the edge and appear more textured (Image 2).

In our project, the homeowners decided to go with machine-made subway tile (about $2 to $4 per square foot) versus handmade tile (approximately $13 to $30 per square foot). Machine-made tile (Image 3) is easy to install yourself because the tile is beveled out. As a result, you don't have to use tile spacers. Both the subway tile and...

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Bathroom remodeling: after doing the shower/tub, counter, cabinetry, and floors, now you have to think about wall covering, too? Why not just good old paint?

Paint is fine, but moisture should be your main concern when choosing a covering. Unchecked moisture, both from tub/shower overspray as well as moisture-laden air, is devastating for bathrooms. Even well-vented bathrooms have moisture issues.

Here are five options for bathroom walls.

Peelable Vinyl Wallpaper

Vinyl-coated wallpaper is best for bathrooms. All-paper coverings will degrade in the moist environment.

But if vinyl wallpaper makes you think of a downmarket Days Inn, think again. Vinyl wallpaper has grown up and become sophisticated. Purveyors like Tempaper and Timothy Sue offer gorgeous wallpapers that have graced style and shelter magazines.

Just be sure that your present wall surface can accept peelable wallpaper. It will not stick to matte, flat, or rough surfaces....

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Installing bathroom wall tiles can be a great idea if you want to change the look of your bathroom. It is an easy job that you can do without hiring a contractor or a professional.

The materials and tools you will require for tiling your bathroom are:

Tile groutTiles4 ft levelMeasurement tapeSpongeNotched trowelTile adhesiveTile spacersRubber floatSelecting the Tiles

Choose the tiles such that they complement the bathroom interior, like the bathtub and the sink. Before we move on to the procedure tiling a bathroom wall, you need to first understand the various options that are available. Following is a list of different types of bathroom tiles, and you can select the one that will satisfy your needs and fit your budget.

Ceramic Tiles: These are the most popular bathroom tiles. They come in various patterns and colors, and hence are the most favored variety.Mosaic Tiles: Using a mosaic tile can give your bathroom an innovative look. They have wide applications in...
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Bathroom tiles help to set a very fashionable aura around your bathroom which would otherwise elude you completely. Applying tiles in your bathroom is a process which should not be rushed into because at the end of the day once you get the tiles of your choosing you will have a hard time changing it so maintain a process and take the wisest of decisions. Bathroom tiles come in various shapes and sizes and everyone has a choice of colour and design which makes you unique and therefore there are a variety of bathroom tiles which count in endless numbers all of which have different colours and design factors to give you the addition of choice. Picking your bathroom tiles must comprise of different factors which include the size of your bathroom, the colour you want to use and the area you want to cover. Given below are the best bathroom tile designs for you.

These designs are versatile and come in different sizes as well for your discretion:-

1. Black and...

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Despite lots of newer floor and wall covering systems coming onto the market bathroom tiles are still the most popular choice. Tiles can be used throughout the home but in colder climates their use tends to be limited to the bathroom, kitchen and sometimes hallways.

The choice of styles, sizes, materials, patterns, colours and finishes is huge and when you consider that many different bathroom tiles can be used in the same room, as part of the same design, then the options can become a little overwhelming.

As with most consumer goods the choices made by householders tend to follow trends, certain types of tile falling out of favour while others are seen as the next great thing. Medium size tiles have seemingly lost their appeal with customers opting for much larger tiles or choosing much smaller mosaic type tiles. Very often both types of tile are used by having a large, plain tile as the main wall covering accentuated by a band of smaller, more highly coloured tiles,...

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Ceramic tile is prized for its moisture resistance and durability, but can be a problem if the tile lasts so long it becomes dated or ugly. Ripping out ugly shower tile is an expensive and labor-intensive job some homeowners may not be willing to tackle. There are a few creative ways you can cover the tile to make your bathroom more appealing to both yourself and prospective buyers.


If it’s the tile color or pattern that’s the problem, you can cover it with an epoxy paint. Do not paint over the grout. To avoid accidentally doing so, cover grout lines with masking tape before you begin painting. Clean the tiles with a solution of trisodium phosphate and water to remove mold, mildew, scale and soap residue, and then apply an epoxy primer with a foam brush. Cover this with a coating of epoxy paint in the color of your choice. Epoxy paints won’t flake off tiled surfaces as easily latex or oil paints will do, but you should cover the final coat of paint with a...

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Homeowners might spend less time in the bathroom than anywhere else in the house, but that doesn’t mean walls are safer from damage. Humidity and possible water leaks are only two of several reasons why bathroom walls might be in bad condition. You can cover unattractive walls if they’re sound and the damage is superficial. Structural damage, loose tiles, crumbling plaster, rot or mold require comprehensive repair, not a cover up.

Stain-Sealing Paint Primer

Painted walls with stains, such as those from old water leaks or perfume overspray, only need a simple fix. If a water leak is the cause, repair the leak before covering stains. Scrub the walls first using mild detergent or soap and warm water if stains have a raised texture, such as old hairspray flecks; this smoothes and prepare the surface. Stain-sealing paint primer covers most stains and forms a barrier so they can’t wick back to the surface. In some cases, you’ll need two or more coats. After the primer...

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