Creating my own coffered ceilings, whats the best material to use for the frame?


Coffered ceilings are made up of recessed, or hollow-centered, panels with decorative trim. The effect of a coffered ceiling is often waffle-like if the panels are square in shape. Many different straight-sided, or polygonal, shapes may be used for these ceilings, although squares are the most common. The use of coffered ceilings dates back to ancient Roman and Greek architecture when the panel technique created a lighter alternative to marble and stone ceilings. Today's style of coffered ceiling is likely to feature pendant or recessed lighting.

Recessed lights are set in below the surface of a panel or ceiling. Some coffered ceilings contain a round light in the center of each panel, while others have the decorative trim of the panels bordering a hanging or pendant lamp such as a chandelier. A ceiling fan is another option for the center of a coffered ceiling. There may be one repeating pattern of panels and trim across the entire ceiling, or different shapes and patterns...

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ceiling in the design of the room plays the role of a kind of final, would place the point in the entire interior style.Among modern luxury finishes coffered ceilings are considered a novelty, although in fact this kind of ceilings appeared in ancient Greece, and became very popular during the Renaissance. As you know, the Renaissance promoted the beauty and grace in everything, so the ceiling of this type is the best suited for classical interior styles.

What is the ceiling, called caisson, what are the features of its assembly and interiors for which he will be a real find - all this today will tell the "House of Dreams".

coffered ceiling

Design feature coffered ceilings

caisson called kind of wooden false ceiling consisting of rectangular or square panels.The main feature of these ceilings is to have decorative grooves.These depressions are the caissons.

In the Renaissance coffered ceilings decorated with imperial palaces and castles.In...

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What matters when you’re laying out a coffered ceiling is the size of the finished beam, not the size of the crown molding. And you have to use the Outside Dimension of the full finished beam—the O.D.—not the backing or substrate you might be installing first.


(Note: Click any image to enlarge)

I make my coffered ceilings using what I call “hollow backing.” I make three types of hollow backing shapes or forms: one is for beam intersections and is shaped like the intersection of two streets (see TOP form in the photo to the right).

I make another simpler shape for locations where beams terminate into walls. I use the same form for mid-span backing—when I want to support a beam between intersections, or when I’m running a single long beam across a ceiling. I usually install mid-span hollow backing about every 2 ft. (see LEFT form in the photo to the right).

For ceilings with perimeter beams—half-beams or full beams right against the walls—I...

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If you are in the planning stages of a new home and have considered different ceiling style options, I would like to offer some ideas for you regarding coffered ceilings.

Following are some pictures of the coffered ceilings that I have come across during my own tours of homes being built.

Some of them are in the construction/painting phase and others are “consumer ready”.

My Pictures Of Coffered Ceilings

Coffered ceilings really add a luxurious touch to any room, especially when it is a ‘2-story room’.

Builders pay particular attention to ceiling architectural details in high end houses and many times coffered ceilings fit the bill. It’s a great way to enhance the beauty of a room.

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More About Coffered Ceilings

Writing a home building blog that chronicles new homes during different phases of construction from a consumers'...

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A "coffer" is a sunken panel in a ceiling which is used to create visual interest in a given room. This technique has been used in ceilings for centuries, at times to disguise beams and enhance weight distribution, but often to be decorative. Regardless of the reason for using them, coffered ceilings add something special to whatever room they are in.

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What is a Coffered Ceiling?

Historically, coffered ceilings started out as framed boxes placed in interesting configurations on a ceiling. These boxes could be square, rectangular, or octagonal and where made out of stone. Now, coffers can be formed in a variety of shapes and patterns and are made of much lighter material, which makes them an inexpensive way to spruce up your home.

What Are the Benefits of a Coffered Ceiling?

They provide an easy way to change the look of an entire room They can be used to appealingly cover any damaged or undesirable...
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Faux wood beams are a great way to design a stylish coffered ceiling – but what is a coffered ceiling?

Explore a stately home in England and you’ll see what “coffered” looks like. In Georgian and Victorian homes, you’ll distinctive grid-shaped ceilings that are usually crafted out of fine timber beams and wood. It’s a really classy and timeless look – and one that isn’t easy to replicate.

Or, at least, it wasn’t until the invention of products like our faux beams.

In traditional homes, a “coffered ceiling” isn’t made of a grid of beams, but sunken squares – meaning that the ‘true’ height of the ceiling is actually where the beams hang. But obviously that’s something that needs to be conceived and designed before a home gets built; because it’s not possible to just rob a ceiling of six inches of space or more. This is especially true in modern homes, in which wires, cables and pipes often run through the gap between the lower ceiling and the upper...

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It’s common knowledge that no room is ever perfectly square, nor is any wall perfectly flat or straight and we realize this.

To accommodate these inevitable circumstances the Perimeter Beam Boards of each Tilton Coffered Ceiling System can be scribed and/or tapered to the surrounding walls to account for differences between the perfectly square system and the imperfect room or walls. Due to our proprietary design, every system we build has more than adequate space between the outermost coffer modules and the surrounding walls to allow for compensation and adjustment in this regard.

Furthermore, when utilizing the Perimeter Molding option for your project, any differences between the scribe or taper on the Perimeter Beam Board and the surrounding walls will be covered so they need not be perfect or tight to the walls.

Alternatively, if you have opted not to include a Perimeter Molding for your project, you will need to take extra time and care to ensure that...

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When designing and decorating your home, there are some elements that seem like they’re reserved for the grand houses with tons of square footage. It’s easy to think that the only place you would find a or big sparkling chandelier would be in a mansion. The same goes for coffered ceilings. However, you don’t need to live in a giant house to have a coffered ceiling. Like pristine wood floors and board and batten, a coffered ceiling can add interest to any room, no matter how big. Take a look at these 12 ways to incorporate a coffered ceiling into your own home.

When you have a tall ceiling, it can be difficult to figure out how to make your space feel homey and less cavernous. Installing a coffered ceiling is a great way to make your high ceilings an asset instead of an eyesore.

Of course you don’t need to have a really high ceiling to have coffered ceilings. By using a , you can still achieve the coffered look without using up much needed head space. The results will...

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Ceilings are often overlooked when it comes to designing a home. But never underestimate the coffered ceiling. Adding dimension and an element of sophistication to any room, a coffered ceiling is a relatively simple addition to any room. Whether you decide to buy a house with a pre-built coffered ceiling or build it yourself, coffered ceilings are made to wow.

A Coffered ceiling is an architectural style that delivers a grand design. The dimensional aspects of a coffered ceiling are apparent with varied geometrical insets and design. The ceiling holds sunken panels that offer a decorative structure. The addition of a coffered ceiling to a room’s design offers a grandeur effect with detailed style. Through the ages, coffered ceiling styles have been utilized as a luxurious grand stand as a signifier of prominent civilizations. In today’s modern age, many designers have adapted the coffered ceiling with a fresh perspective. These ceilings have underwent a transformation from...

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With the need for a competent arrangementhousing space facing every person in my life, but it is important to a holistic approach to this issue, to the choice of building materials, as well as to the applicable design. To date, it has become increasingly popular coffered ceilings. Coffered ceilings can be submitted from a tree - in the form of beams attached to the ceiling, drywall - looks very similar to the niche. In other words, the decompression ceiling - a polygonal structure, which is represented in the form of numerous dimples. Translated from the Latin, "lacunar" or coffered ceiling - the deepening of which can be properly decorated and very impressive to look at this. The first design data came in Greece, but at that time they had a completely different purpose. Primarily, beams and ceilings serve as additional support for the building. Today decompression design is a design solution in many interiors, often decorated with additional modeling, giving brightness and more...

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How to make a coffered ceiling ?

Coffered ceiling is best suited for classic interior design . Caisson – that indentation in the ceiling , which has a variety of forms – the circle , rectangle, diamond , etc. Coffered ceiling is the ideal solution for old-style houses, where the height of the walls is about 3 meters. In rooms with a ceiling height of less than 2.5 meters to apply this ceiling is not worth it, because the design of the space when it moves down to a few centimeters. And if the ceiling is already low , then this method will simply decorating the feeling that the caisson is about to fall on his head.

Stages of registration caisson ceiling :

– The first thing to do is to determine the right amount of material. To do this, find the center of the ceiling, and then draw a plan of arrangement of plates. Plans should be applied very carefully , because – it is necessary to measure the correct angles of a triangle . If the wrong corners of the...

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