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Hello again, The plaster over mesh thing wasn't as far-fetched as it might sound. The builders decided (in the 1970s) to put out soil pipe inside thecavity wall. Outside are bricks, in the middle is the soil pipe, andon the other side is the mesh wit
We've had some new uPVC windows fitted. The upstairs bay window presented some problems and, as a result, the "wall" above the window frame is now studwork with cement board on the external side and plasterboard on the internal side. Before the work,
drywall – How do I repair a curtain rod anchor that was ripped out Best Answer: I wouldnt fix anything directly to the UPVC frame i would get a larger rail and fix it to the wall either side of the frame Curtain Rail ideas Woodworking As A Hobby or L
The sun emits a wide range of electromagnetic radiation. Most of the dermatologic effects of sunlight are caused by UV radiation, which is divided into 3 bands (UVA, 320 to 400 nm; UVB, 280 to 320 nm; and UVC, 100 to 280 nm). Because the atmosphere f
Some windows just beg for a layer of drapes. They are either just the right size or design that allows them to be treated with possibly a lightweight, thin drape against the window, with a heavier material out front. When used together, this layer of
The simplest way to hang curtains from a slanted attic ceiling is to ignore the angle. Another approach is to use fixed curtains with tiebacks, hung at an angle. Depending on the configuration of your room, either approach could work to provide priva