Cutting glass tiles with a miter saw


dont try to cut glass on a mitre saw. the blade goes too fast and other than the glass particles destroying every moving part of your saw (including the teeth), you are essentially trying to detonate a hand grenade this way

the key to cutting glass is the following:

1) make sure you are using a sharp scoring wheel. if you cant remember the last time you rotated or replaced the wheel, its time to do so.

2) use light oil on your cut. just dribble a little line of it down where your cut is going to go.

3) use a straight edge. just clamp (gently) or double sided tape a straight edge to the glass plate. remember when positioning it to take into account offset for the thickness of the tool

4) score once and once only. slow, with even pressure is the key, from one edge all the way to the other

5) put a thin wood or metal bar under the glass and push down on both sides to break the piece off. dont try to hold one side over a table edge or something...

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My husband and I are putting up a glass tile back splash in the kitchen. We are having problems with the tile cracking when we use the tile cutter the home store told us to use. So we went with our 2nd option and took the tiles back to the store marked with our cut lines (as they suggested) so they could cut it for us. However, they couldn't do it. So we purchased a Dremel and were told to use the diamond tip however we are finding actually cutting the tiles to be hard. I did some searching and found a Dremel Diamond Wheel. Will this head work for cutting small glass tiles without cracking them? Any help is appreciated!

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Hope you still have your safety glasses and earplugs handy!
Let's begin making those rings, shall we?

Make certain your saw is plugged in and on a stable, level work surface.
Ensure the water reservoir is full, make sure it stays that way every chance
you get. Babies, pets and other critters under feet are not a good idea while
using the saw. Don't look away while working. Instead, stop what you are
doing, turn off the saw, then tend to your business. Bottles can be replaced,
babies on the other hand...hmm. Not so easy.

Holding the bottle firmly, but not in a death-grip manner, slowly move the
bottle toward the blade. As you should have ear plugs in, you should still be
able to barely hear the glass hitting the cutting wheel. My personal manner
of holding the bottle is with both hands. My method is to roll the bottle towards
myself, rather than away, because I feel there is a greater chance of kickback

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A miter saw (spelled "mitre" in UK English) is a power saw designed to produce rapid and accurate 90 degree and angled (mitered) cuts. It's a virtually essential tool when framing, i.e. building stud walls. A basic saw will cut timber up to 4 x 2 in size, but a sliding miter saw has a cutting head which slides on a rail, allowing timber up to 9 x 3 to be cut without requiring a huge diameter disk.
Blades are available for miter saws with a varying number of teeth. Coarse toothed blades cut rapidly through timber. Blades with lots of fine teeth are slower but give a cleaner cut.
It is usually possible to calibrate the saw by way of adjusting grub screws to ensure that the saw actually does give a square cut. You can check your cuts with a carpenter's square to see if the saw is cutting accurately and make adjustments as necessary.
The kerf, which you'll remember is the width of the saw cut, is normally wider, typically 2 or 3 mm (1/8") for a miter saw blade than it is...

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Don't Feel Like Reading? Here's Our Top Choice:

If we were buying a miter saw ourselves, we'd buy the DeWalt DWS780. DeWalt has a reputation for making quality tools for a reason, and this saw features the versatility you'd expect with a 12 inch blade and their XPS laser system which basically makes sure that you know exactly where/what you are about to cut before you do, limiting mistakes.

Miter saws are a versatile and exceptionally handy power tool for anyone looking to get serious about project work.

For birdhouses and wood crafts, smaller saws are perfectly adequate. However, if you're ready to tackle more robust lumber and projects requiring more than simple angles, the miter saw is the right tool for you.

Quick Summary: Top Rated Miter Saws

I believe the natural progression for any professional and DIY'er as they increase their power tool inventory is as follows:

1. Cordless Drill - I'm not really sure what kind of project you...

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I can vouch for the glass cutting blades from MK Diamond (

). I used one, I think it was the MK-215GL, while remodeling my bathroom a couple of years ago (

). It worked well, albeit slowly, and only really chipped when I tried to cut too fast. And when cutting sheets, you definitely need to do something about securing the tiles. The adhesive holding the mesh backer to the tiles I used was apparently water-soluble. Tiles very quickly started sliding around or coming off. I wound up using packing tape to hold the sheets together, which worked okay.

Nippers and scoring tools might be nice, but they only work on tiles thinner than 4mm, according to the manufacturers. In my case, the tiles were around 8mm thick, so the wet saw was really the only option.


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There's no substitute for a diamond tile saw when you have to make fine cuts—corners, curves, slivers—or cut stone or other hard tiles. In this article, we'll show you how a tile pro makes the tricky cuts that result in a first-class job. Tile-cutting diamond wet saws are available at rental stores, some large home centers and tile stores that cater to DIYers.

Set the saw up outside or in your garage or workshop. If a finished room is more convenient, cover the floor and wall behind the saw with plastic dropcloths. Then fill the tub with water.

Even though the tile saw looks scary, the blade is abrasive rather than toothed and therefore safer than wood-cutting saws. You'll still want to take precautions, as you would with any other saw.

Basic cuts

Photo 1: Basic square cuts

Mark the tile with a lead or grease pencil. Set the tile against the fence on the sliding saw bed and line up the diamond blade with the cutting mark. Turn...

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Using The Correct Tile Cutting Tools For Cutting Your Tiles

When it comes to tile cutting tools, there’s more than just one way of cutting tile. If you use the correct tools for cutting your tiles, cutting tile becomes a much simpler job. For making straight cuts you can use wet tile saws or a snap cutter, but for big tile jobs wet tile saws are much faster and easier tile cutting tools to use.

Snap-cutters are not power tools so they are less expensive than the power tools used for cutting tile, You can purchase your own wet tile saws, or rent one pretty inexpensively, but even renting can become expensive if the tool is not returned at the agreed date and time.

Wet tile Saws

A wet tile saw is the best tile cutting saw. It is the most versatile way to cut ceramic, porcelain tile. and stone tiles. Wet tile saws produce nice clean, precise cuts right next to the edge of the tile. Water sprays the tile saw blade continuously, to prevent the tile saw blade...

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Large format glass tiles are typically cut with a wet saw and specialized diamond-encrusted blade.

There are three main tools used to cutting glass tiles: nippers, glass scoring knives, and wet saws.


Nippers, also called “tile nibblers,” are pliers with sharp hardened carbide tips designed to cut small format tiles. These tools are the original tile cutting tool used by tile setters around the world. Though hard to use with precision, nibblers can be a handy tool for cutting small mosaic, standard thickness (4mm) tiles.

If used gently, they can also be used to trim flares, to cut around pipes or to break off pieces of scored tiles. Nippers are relatively inexpensive, usually costing in the $15-$20 range.

Glass Scoring Tools

Larger, straight edge-to-edge cuts on standard thickness (4mm), smooth tile can be achieved with a simple glass scoring tool and a straight edge. Score the glass lightly on the front face along the desired cut...

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won't cut thru regular tile

I am using R4030 and trying to cut 12 X 24 tiles for floor. Saw cuts almost half way thru tile . Even when I turn tile over, it still did not cut thru totally. Finally I had to put two tiles together to get the top one high enough to cut thru. I just bought this saw and really like it when it did work with two tiles. Just doesn't seem like something is right about the setup. Any ideas. I would think I should be able to cut any depth but I couldn't find any instructions or videos on line that told me what might be wrong or how to lower blade or raise table. Can you help please?

there's a knob on the top that you can loosen and adjust the blade depth

R4030 tile saw. When i put the motor head at 45 degrees, the blade hits the saw table. Why?

Just bought new R4030 tile saw, getting ready to use it for 1st time., When I put the motor head in the 45 degree setting, the blade hits the...

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Feed the tile into the blade.

Using a steady grip, feed the tile slowly straight into the blade. Do not force the tile into the blade any faster than it naturally wants to move; let the blade do the work of cutting the tile. Take care to feed the tile especially slowly at the edges of the tile, as this is where most breakages occur.

/5/58/Use a Tile Saw Step 5 Version...

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Click here for larger image.

The Gryphon Diamond Band Saw Model C40 is the fastest cutting glass saw on the market!

It gives you complete design freedom, making cuts that are impossible with hand held cutters - tight curves, inside curves, u-turns, or any shape that you can think of! Stack glass to cut identical repetitive pieces or cut exactly the shape you need out of a larger piece of glass. The possibilities are endless - no pattern is too difficult for the Gryphon Diamond Band Saw!

A powerful new direct drive motor develops more torque, with a blade speed of 40 mph, to cut 26" of glass per minute! The saw features the largest work surface, a full square foot in size, as well as the largest water reservoir. Holds six times more water than other band saws, to keep water cleaner and require less refilling. Simply turn one knob for fast and easy blade adjustment. Precision made in the USA with a full one year warranty.

110 volt ...

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Just about every tiling job requires cutting tile. What you will be cutting, how much, and in what manner will determine the tool you use to cut with. Most of the time the easiest and most efficient option is a tile saw. While they may look similar to saws used to cut wood or metal, they are in fact quite different.

Typically they are used to cut ceramic, porcelain, glass and natural stone tiles but can used for other materials as well. There are a few different types to choose from all of which that use special diamond coated blades. Tile saw blades do not have sharp “teeth,” that rip and tear in order to cut through the material; instead they actually grind through the tile.

Simpler Choices For Simpler Jobs

Before you run out and purchase a saw, if you have a little job or a few individual tiles to deal with you might be able to get away with either tile nippers, a tile cutter or both. Tile nippers look like pliers but they are used to “nip”...

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Monique Jacqueline Design

I agree with Kivi! Also, remember that after cutting the edge you will want to buff the edge as well. This will soften that edge and provide a polish to the freshly cut edge. My tile setter usually uses a grinder with a diamond blade and then polishes the edge thereafter. Remember that if your glass is on a mesh you can use a wet saw, but if you have a paper detail applied to the front of your tile, you can not use the wet saw, the paper deterioates. You then only have the option to use the grinder method. Also, one more thing to remember, is that if you are using this on an open vertical end elevation, that one can see, start on that end and work towards the closed end. Then your end cuts will not be visible and your exposed end is a nice factory finish. I hope that this makes sense!

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Mitre saws can be both hand operated and power operated. The power models of mitre saws use a high speed disc blade to cut material. Before using a power mitre saw you must first make sure your saw is firmly fixed to a work bench or located on a stable work stand, a high speed revolving cutting disc can be a dangerous device if not used correctly.

You can find out more about all the tools shown in this project or purchase from our toolstore. You may also want to see:

When using a power mitre saw the blade engages instantly when switched on so be prepared for this. Make sure the blade guard is down at all times.

If the item you are cutting is too long (or heavy) for you to handle safely, make sure you have a person to help or use roller support stands as shown below

Most new model power mitre saws come with a blade guard that retracts when the cutting arm is lowered into the cutting position. The material you are cutting can be clamped in position or...

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A miter saw (mitre in British English) is a saw used to make accurate crosscuts and miters in a workpiece.

Power miter saw[edit]

A power miter saw, also known as a drop saw, is a power tool used to make a quick, accurate crosscut in a workpiece at a selected angle. Commonly used for cutting of molding and trim. Most miter saws are relatively small and portable, with common blade sizes ranging from eight to twelve inches.

The miter saw was invented by Ed Niehaus, a tool designer for Rockwell, in 1964. The miter saw showcased several innovations still found today: radial arc spring action, blade braking and dust collection. Rockwell did not patent the design, leading to a large number of manufacturers and innovation improvements.[1]

The miter saw makes cuts by pulling a spinning circular saw blade down onto a workpiece in a short, controlled motion. The workpiece is typically held against a fence, which provides a precise cutting angle between the plane...

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Miter saws have traditionally been used only to work with wood and sometimes with metal. But as technology advances, the innovations of the modern era have allowed for the creation of more blades that can be used to cut a variety of materials. Most tile installations rely upon the use of a tile wet saw. However, if you don’t have the money to rent or buy one but you have a miter saw handy, you can purchase a diamond or carbide blade for your miter saw to cut the tiles for your project.

Mark the face of tile according to the area you need to cut, using a tape measure. For example, this can be a straight cut, angle cut, square-hole cutout, square U-shaped cut or anything other than circular cuts.

Place the piece of tile onto the tray of the miter saw. Prepare to make a straight cut, using the fence (the back) of the tray to hold your piece of tile squarely with the blade. Hold the tile firmly in place, using your hand. Squeeze the trigger on the saw and gently pull the...

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The present invention supports masonry pieces during cutting in order to obtain 45° and 22 1/2 degree angles. The present invention further encompasses a method and material for manufacture that being injection-molded plastic, so the invention is waterproof and harmless to modern diamond saw blades. The method for using the invention is in combination with a table style wet saw, in particular, one using a roller tray with lip or one that guides motor and the blade across a stationary tray with lip. The size and dimensions of the invention are worked out for the greatest number of uses in the widest variety of applications. The present invention method incorporates a slot to be used as a saw blade guide. One skilled in the art will find this device is capable of quickly and safely supporting masonry pieces for inside and outside 45 and 22 1/2 degree cuts, namely miters. Primarily this device is intended to be used with standard masonry wet saws. It is conceivable that this device...

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