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I have a project to run around 40 lan cables in loft style office. The office don't have any conduit attached to ceiling at all. The location of RJ45 Jacks is multiple
Cable providers deliver both high-speed Internet and cable TV through coaxial cables. Smaller businesses do not need a dedicated cable port for both services: a splitter can be used. However, it is important to purchase a splitter that is compatible
I’ve always been frustrated by the speeds & limitations of wireless and with the addition of a home server, 802. 11G just doesn’t cut it. Sure it’s great for flexibility but there’s certain limitations when you want to stream content
Quote: Originally Posted by Speed Daemon But RAID 5 and 6 are stripe sets by definition. RAID works in real time too. And the only thing that takes snapshots is backup software
Your testing method seems reasonable and probably rules out continuity between those two drops. (The exception might be if your router or switch don't have Auto MDI-X sensing and you needed a crossover cable, but that's unlikely as most devices made
I think your configuration (despite the apparent confusion in some earlier comments) is: coax to cable modem, then CAT6 from cable modem to a router, then CAT6 from router to point of use. RG6 coax, which is used by CATV systems, has an attenuation o
I have a Cat 5 ethernet cable that runs from a stereo cabinet to an equipment closet. A couple dozen other identical cables run from other parts of the house to the same hole in my drywall in this closet. They’re not all well labeled
Cable Rating Plenum rated cable is only necessary for a space, usually above a ceiling or below a floor, that can serve as a receiving chamber for air that has been heated or cooled to be distributed to inhabited areas. You should be fine with riser
FIVE STEPS TO CONNECTING YOUR ANTENNA TO MULTIPLE TVs Free HDTV on Every Screen in Your Home First of all congratulations! If you are reading this post you are ahead of the masses, and have realized OTA (Over-the-Air) TV is an amazing alternative to
This document is to assist in understanding and correcting issues with ADSL wiring within the customer premises. For general information on ADSL, visit How ADSL Works in our support pages. ADSL Wiring – Businesses There are three common situations fo