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By Bruce W. Maki, Editor Introduction: Ensuring Level Framing: In fact, I want the deck to have a slight slope away from the house, so this dimension, about 1/8" lower than the old deck, is just fine. At the other corner the dot landed on 2 inches, s
It appears that the rim joist is pulling away from the joists to which it's nailed due to the outward forces on the railing. You could screw the rim joist to the joists (where those nails are now), which might give a bit more holding power, but you w
Just bought a house. The previous owners extended the deck and now the sillcock is really inconvenient to get to. How can I move it so that I can easily hook up and then turn on/off a hose? The deck is about 2 feet off the ground, and I don't love ha
I found a Simpson strong tie product (BC40Z) 4x4 half post base, and it states its intended use is for attaching a 4x4 railing post securely on top of wooden decking. The following picture demonstrates a proper installation. I got excited about it an
I'm planning to build an elevated deck. I was going to dig the holes for the posts, put them in and set them in quikrete. I've done this for a fence and I'm comfortable with the process
During home inspection while buying our place the inspector underestimated the cost of the job to fix rot that got inside the railing on a tiny (~3'x3') balcony/deck. He said it would cost ~$1000 to fix it and that's what we asked from the sellers. T
The first step is to clean the deck. A very simple and inexpensive method is to wet the deck, spray or scrub on a mixture of 1 cup TSP, 1/2 gal household bleach, and 2 gal water. Scrub it with a course, stiff broom
There may be some options on how to handle this situation but you have left out some pretty important information. Missing is how high the existing 4x6 supports are already. It the posts are only 6 inches high then it would be pretty hard to add 30 i
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Before you start with a sander, I would try a power washer. These can be rented from a big box store for a day or two. If you have several projects, consider purchase