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All questions and answers are based on the 2011 NEC. Q. What are the NEC requirements for sizing receptacles? A
You're smart to upgrade, having some extra is a good idea in case your lumber isn't as good as it should be (safe bet. ) I'd go to 2x8's at 24" - that's my preference. It's fewer joist hangers to hang, and fewer nails to attach the deck to the joists
I have a loft area to which I want to add a pony wall for safety. My plan is to drywall its inside and outside faces, all the way down across the beam. Can I built it on the surface of the platform safely? I would prefer to avoid attaching the posts
Concrete piers are used in a project such as building a deck because they provide a durable, solid base that can bear. .
I just found a site with thousands of downloadable woodworking plans, it s really great. You can check it out here ( woodworkingplans. kyma
I am planning to run a new electrical wiring in my backyard and start from where the current outlet is at the wall (behind my kitchen): It's right above the deck and here is the picture under the deck (about 4 feet tall) I plan to run the wires under
Your instincts are right. Do not bury the wood post!! We always use either a 6 or 8 inch Sonotube filled to slightly above grade or a 36 or 48 inch precast porch post. If you decide to use the tubes, here is a little trick: when you start filling the
I am installing deck post cap lights and have a few questions on the type of wire to use. My deck is large, around 50 feet x 35 feet. So the wiring must go around for all the posts
Control Lights With a Timer You don't want to have to step outside every night, especially in the middle of a winter deep freeze, to plug in or unplug your outlets. That's where timers come into play. Walk down a home center's electrical aisle and yo