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Wind stress and possibly snow load are factors your pergola must be designed to withstand. Here's my suggestion: Plan the placement of your pergola on the deck. Install concrete footings below the deck for each post
The sub-frame forms the deck’s outer skeleton. Joists run in the opposite direction to the deck boards, so it's important to have settled on a decking design. For more on the different deck board arrangements, head back to our planning article
I live in windsor, ontario Canada-- close to Detroit, MI I am trying to build the pergola with roof shown in the images. .
The deck plans I want to use has a pergola on the deck. It appears to use the same 6x6 post for both the deck and the pergola as can be seen in the rendering included with the plans: I can't figure out how to make this work though. If you were to not
I described my problem in this question here How to fix deck board at edge not lined up with beam? This is the outcome of that project. There ended up a bit of gap in some area like 1/8" - 3/16". It's the one on the left here: The reason is that when
Deck Top Shade Ideas; Do it Yourself Deck Shade; How to Add a Rain Shade to a Deck; Comments You May Also. .
After you demolish the old deck but before you start work on the new one, you'll need to make sure the wood on and in the house is still in good shape. Water leaking around an old deck ledger can cause significant damage to the house framing. The exi
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the deck on my Pearson Ensign Hi, I have recently been given a 1962 Pearson Ensign and I need to replace the deck and benches. There are ribs under the deck, and I need to know the best wood to use for them. I also need to know the best wood to use f