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Before you start with a sander, I would try a power washer. These can be rented from a big box store for a day or two. If you have several projects, consider purchase
In the ideal world you will want to prevent the rats or other animals such as mice and squirrels from getting under your decking in the first place. Likewise if you have gone to the bother of clearing them away from under your deck, you will not want
1 Choose the attachment options. Do you want your deck attached to your home (meaning it will be adjoined to the walls, use your foundation as a support, and may share a roof)? Or do you want the deck to be detached? The second is the much easier opt
In this instance, we have installed the bottom piece 1 1/4 inches above the flashing, so it will end up 1/4 inch above the decking, which is 1 inch thick. .
If I want to have a granite countertop as a table on top of my deck, do I need to support the 4 corners with actual footing, like 4x4 with concrete? Or it is possible to just bold the 4 legs on the side of the joists? I have not weight my granite yet
Post longevity: Concrete, below frostline (varies with where you are), with a footing, reinforced with steel rebar kept 2" from the face of the concrete. Use brackets or pads to keep wood from touching concrete aboveground. Hole: Cheap, or Lazy? Chea
Courtesy Fiberon Decking Do you need to replace a broken, ugly, stained concrete patio? Don't spend thousands of dollars (or break your own back) having it demolished. Instead, install a ground-level deck right over it! But first, you will need to in
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PreCast FoundationAt the Acton, Mass. , project, Tom Silva shaved days off his tight schedule by using precast foundation panels for the addition. When they arrived at the job site, a crane simply lowered them onto compacted stone, where they were gl
Our deck: Light colored decking on left was scrubbed yesterday with a stiff natural bristle brush. We'd like to reduce the regular buildup of moss/algae and associated slipperiness of the 10+ year old composite decking, possibly a Trex product. It's