Decreasing low frequency noise from air conditioner


There are a couple of ways of doing this - and they don't always work - especially if the A/C is at voice frequencies.

One way is to use the graphic equaliser filter and adjust the frequency range that the A/C is in to reduce it. The problem is that you will also remove any voices etc in 'that' frequency range.

The other one is not in FCP but is in Soundtrack Pro that comes with the Final Cut Suite. This is an excellent but alas very under used tool. It takes a little bit of learning, but it's well worth it. If you need to get up and running quickly spend the $25 for a one month subscription to Larry Jordan does a great job of stepping through it all.

In Soundtrack Pro there are tools to let you sample sound and set it as the 'noise print'. You can then have STP remove that noise print from the rest of the audio. If you over do it then things can start to sound too digital, but the nice thing is that the tool allows you to adjust things in real...

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Noise is one of the most irritating problems you have to deal with in your home, and it can affect your quality of life dramatically. I get a lot of questions asking what homeowners can do to deal with intrusive sounds, such as traffic and sirens, neighbours arguing, dogs barking, babies crying, or loud music.

Or maybe you’re the problem and the noise isn’t coming from outside. Maybe you need to protect your family and the general public from your teenager’s garage band practice. Or maybe you love to turn up the 5.1 sound system on your new TV.

It could also be that you want an office space, or a media room where you can work or enjoy movies or music in isolation. But if that room is next to a noisy furnace or washing machine, you’ll have a challenge.

Whatever the reason, reducing noise is a very important part of living comfortably in your home. You need to be able to enjoy your space — and you need to respect other people’s need for quiet, too.


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