Default setting for dimmable light bulb on a non-dimmable lamp



I'm a newbie slowly learning arduino and looking for some general advice on how to wire a PWM dimmable lamp using two 12V 5W MR16 cob leds. Bulb specifications:

• Item: 5W COB LED Light Bulb

• Base Type: MR16

• Input Voltage: MR16(DC/AC 12V)

• Power: 5W (1x5W)

• Power consumption: 4-4.6W

• Dimmable: Non-dimmable

It will be controlled by using the arduino to decode pulses from a rotary phone dial and then setting the brightness at different levels based on which number was dialed. I have the dial decoding pulses but still have a few questions about driving the leds.

I'm guessing I'll need a 12V 2A DC power supply with a splitter; one end powering the arduino jack, and the other going to the LEDs.

1) Would 12V --> mosfet --> 5W LED for each bulb using two separate PWM pins be a good idea?

2) Is it overkill to use a mosfet? I figured other transistors might be more likely to overheat. Was...

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