Do vinyl planks need an expansion joint between rooms?


Quick-Step Laminate floors expand and contract in function of changing relative humidity conditions in the room. The HDF core board is isotropic and works, equal in both length and width. This means it is extremely important to have expansion joints of 8 to 10 mm along all walls, around radiator pipes, etc.

It is also recommended to foresee expansion joints under the doors between rooms to separate them. If the floor is laid with a length of more than 13 running metres, from one room to another - across a corridor for example - then this could lead to tension and possible distortion (upward warping) of the floor. This might occur when one room is heated and the other is not or when there is for example a piece of heavy furniture in one of the rooms. We therefore recommend separating some of the rooms from the rest by creating expansion joints under the doors between...

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Great results with nominal effort

Tough, thin and flexible flooring material.

Luxury vinyl flooring is so thin and flexible you can almost tie it in a knot, but it’s also durable enough to last for years.

I’ve installed just about every type of flooring the world has ever known. So when my wife chose luxury vinyl planks (LVP) for the new dining room floor, my first thought was: Why couldn’t she pick something I already know how to do? Now I’ll have to muddle through the installing vinyl plank flooring — an unfamiliar product, hoping to avoid costly mistakes along the way.

But it turns out that there was nothing to worry about. I was able to install 150 sq. ft. in less than a day without any problems. Installing vinyl plank flooring was was fast and easy compared with the other floors I’ve installed. And the next time we need new flooring, my vote will be for luxury vinyl. This article will walk you through the installing vinyl plank flooring process I...

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When installing vinyl plank flooring, it is important to know if you need underlayment. Unlike laminate flooring, most vinyl floors are designed to lay right on the subfloor. But there are a few exceptions to the rule, but with all flooring installations, there are a few things that are required no matter what floor you install.

Before you install vinyl floors, always make sure your subfloor is:

In good condition Free of damages Smooth Clean & Dust free

Not all vinyl floorings are installed the same way. Take a careful look at what you purchase so you know if you need underlayment or other accessories to make you install last for years.

Vinyl Flooring Underlayment Differences:

Click Lock Vinyl Plank Flooring

Click Lock Vinyl flooring has a locking system that is similar to laminate flooring, but has a thinner construction. Due to this construction, adding a foam underlayment can effect the locking system strength. Most of these vinyl floors can...

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Gap in Vinyl Plank Flooring - GardenWeb 25 Apr 2015 . Hello Folks, I installed my vinyl floor planks about 9 months ago in my kitchen, and it has held up well, despite the traffic. Recently however, we noticed a widening gap between 2 of the planks (see . Landscape · Patio · Deck · Pool .. No caulk, no filler, no removing large portions of flooring - 30 minutes.

Sealing Outside Cracks on Your Home | Today's Homeowner Watch this video to find out how to fill cracks on the outside of your home. . Caulking cracking between brick wall and window facing · Choosing Caulking for.

Expansion Joint Caulking Around Inground Swimming Pools Caulking the expansion joint around the pool (between the pool coping and . is no air space left for expansion of the pool or pool deck, and when they expand,.

Pool Deck Leveling Contractor--lifting & leveling Concrete Jack Pool deck leveling using slab jacking and foam jacking to level settled pool decks by . from fixing small trip...

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I am removing indoor/outdoor carpeting to lay a new floor in a true 3 season unheated uninsulated room in the northeast. So the room gets very COLD in winter and it is all glass so it gets very HOT in summer too!

I have looked at vinyl plank - peel and stick type (4'x6" each tile). but I am afraid the the extreme temps will ruin the glue. Especially the heat, I fear that it will the glue soft and leaving the tiles to shift. I looked another product that they also called vinyl plank but it is click type product.

Also, I have read some posts today and see that another glue added (for strength) to a peel and stick can compromise the original that true and can it be avoided. What are you thoughts on both? Thank you

RE: LAMINATE - I considered laminate because we have laminate throughout in a cottage here that we shut down all winter and it has not had any problems in 8 years. This room that I am looking to lay the vinyl plank it does get water occassionly if we...

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Plank vinyl flooring has skyrocketed in popularity recently. First, plank wood flooring--the natural stuff grown on trees--has itself become so popular. Plank vinyl seeks to replicate this, but in a cheaper, self-install form. Second, resilient flooring manufacturers have greatly improved the look and feel of vinyl plank, converting buyers who previously would have laughed at the idea of buying resilient material.

Plank Brands and Retailers

A few recommended (or not) makers of plank vinyl, plus mini-reviews:

Shaw: Shaw, with its Premio and Classico lines, is in the upper echelon of LVP makers. While Shaw has thick (6.5 mm) and gorgeous LVP, take note that not every line is top shelf--notably the Aviator and Navigator lines.

Armstrong: Armstrong is one of the oldest flooring companies and it is holding strong. What this means to you is that, unlike fly-by-night companies, Armstrong will be around to respond to any warranty claims. Armstrong makes...

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Expansion joint on a bridge

An expansion joint or movement joint is an assembly designed to safely absorb the heat-induced expansion and contraction of construction materials, to absorb vibration, to hold parts together, or to allow movement due to ground settlement or earthquakes. They are commonly found between sections of buildings, bridges, sidewalks, railway tracks, piping systems, ships, and other structures.

Building faces, concrete slabs, and pipelines expand and contract due to warming and cooling from seasonal variation, or due to other heat sources. Before expansion joint gaps were built into these structures, they would crack under the stress induced.

Control joints[edit]

Saw cut control joints in concrete

Control joints (often confused with expansion joints) are cut into the concrete or asphalt, and are different from expansion joints. Control joints are cut into the pavement at regular intervals to allow cracking to occur in a...

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If your room size does not exceed 13x13 meter, you don't need to add an extra expansion joint. If it exceeds 13 running meters however, we strongly advise to do so.

The maximum length of laminate flooring you can install without expansion joint mainly depends on two things:

the shape of the room in which the floor will be laid the climate conditions in that room

A Pergo laminate floor is mainly composed of natural wood and will naturally expand and contract upon changes in the relative humidity. The dimensional variation of the installed floor will almost be equal in length and width. At 20°C and a relative humidity, RH, between 40-60%, the movement is minimal. Pergo laminate flooring is produced and delivered with a moisture content to cope with a RH between 30-60%.

In a dry climate, the RH might drop below 30% during winter and rise above 70% in summertime. This will create movements in the floor surface. To secure enough clearance for the natural...

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Selecting the right floor for rental property is a balance between durability, affordability, and aesthetics.

A good looking floor can create a desirable property feature, cutting down on vacancy time and increasing the potential rental rate. Additionally, an expensive floor can add to the property value of your the investment.

However, since you are not going to be living at the property, picking the most beautiful hardwood floor is not always the wisest choice for an investor. Renters are known to cause increased wear and tear on a property compared to a homeowner, so investors are advised to find durable solutions for their properties.

When it comes to flooring for a rental property, owners often consider carpet, wood flooring or vinyl.

Today’s vinyl flooring products are attractive, affordable, durable and stain-resistant. They can be installed in practically any room—even kitchens and baths.

Now, you’re probably familiar with vinyl...

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By Todd Fratzel on Flooring

Floor Transitions

I’d like to share some thoughts on how to transition hardwood and tile floors. Hardwood Flooring has become a very popular DIY project for many home owners. Also every DIY program on television has featured numerous programs on installing your own hardwood and tile floors.

So you might ask why I’m focusing on the floor transition? The answer is simple, I’ve seen so many DIY flooring projects in homes that look really great except for one detail, the floor transition looks awful.

Recommended Reading

Complete Flooring (Stanley Complete) (Paperback)

Whether you’re installing solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, laminate, or tile the issues are all the same. You really need to plan the floor transitions before you start any flooring installation. There are several basic issues that arise at the floor transitions.

You can find many of these transition pieces at: Online Floor...

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