Does it take long time to turn AC unit around?

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John made some good points

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Very true, computer to degrade over time, all components have a lifespan.
the amount of Ram and the Speed of the ram is also a factor. as well as how that Ram is matched with CPU,

Viruses and Malware are a possibility.

But i strongly suggest you try this.

This method (in my experience) has always, without fail. increased the speed of any computer that i have had to work on..
the worst case being a Pentium3 machine that took about 45minutes to start and once up and running, it took about 7 minutes for an icon to open.
this method reduced that to a 1 minute startup time, and a few seconds for the icon to open.

This is what you do to speed up a PC (this method assumes, that you don't have malware or viruses)
first go to add/remove programs in windows 7 and remove anything that your are not using or you...

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If your filter is clean and your coil is freezing up, you are low on refrigerant. You need to have it checked for a leak. Help!! Frozen Air conditioner!! I'm afraid I let my air filter get too dirty and my central unit has frozen up. I turn the unit off and let all the ice melt both n the inside coils and outside line that runs to the outside compressor. I thought all the ice was gone ( and I have since replaced the really dirty filter) and started the unit back up and it ran great for a couple of hours, but now it frozen again, even with the new filter. Did I wait long enough or what? The unit was serviced last year, both cleaned and with new freon. I think the dirty filter is what caused it. Now what can I expect? Help, we're getting hot. Its still summer in Memphis. Thanks.

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Someone once told me the turnaround time on a 737-200 was 7 man hours... so 1 guy can do it in 7 hours, 7 guys in 1, 14 in 30 minutes, notice, this includes all paperwork, passenger unloading and loading, cleaning, baggage, fueling, walkaround, etc...

So counting the normal gate crew for a typical 737 class airliner:

2 Flight crew
3 Flight Attendants
1 Dispatcher
1-3 Bagsmashers
1 ground mechanic
1 "blue tanker"
1-2 caterers
1-2 Fuelers
1-3 cleaners (rare nowadays)
1-3 Customer Service agents (yes i count them too, they do have parts to play)

thats at least 14, yes i realise some of those positions might not be present at all airports, but still its an interesting point...

Also another point, alot of airlines do not do full turns at outstations, instead they double stock the flight at the hub for the return trip. They may also not dump the lavs, take on as much fuel (they will overtank at the hub,...

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Obviously it does take longer to unload and reload passengers and baggage of a larger, international aircraft than a smaller one. It also takes longer to clean, service, and refuel. Catering for 350 people takes much longer than for 150 passengers. But there are other reasons too:

Marketing is a factor. An international large aircraft will be scheduled at a time when passenger demand will peak. This may be hours after it has landed.

Maintenance. Aircraft cannot fly continuously without both routine maintenance and unscheduled maintenance. Long haul flights eat up many hours in the day, precluding any maintenance. Maintenance can certainly take some time, especially if it is complex. So the maintenance downtime is put in the schedule to ensure it can usually be completed before the next departure, and have the aircraft in tip-top shape for the next long flight.

For instance, American Airlines performs 11 man-hours of maintenance for every one hour of flight time on...

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This is a very common problem with your tv, what has most likely happened (about 90% of the time) is the power supply has failed, more specifically there are a few caps in the power supply that have most likely failed. The unit will require component replacement to get it working again. Do you have any electronic repair experience, test equipment, and soldering equipment? If so I can assist you with this repair. If you do not have the above equipment and skills a repairman will be required for this repair, you can expect the bill to be around $200.

Also to let you know, I have had a ton of customers in the last few weeks call samsung to complain of this issue and end up getting their sets repaired for free, so I would call samsung first if I were you and see if they will repair yours as well.

I am sorry that I don't have a magic button or a quick fix for you on this one, but component replacement will be required.

Please remember to press the ACCEPT button when...

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Thanks for all the testing info- I'm sure it will come in handy for the future. But for

now, I need a whole new condensor unit. The first guy I had stop by for an estimate

wanted to make sure my unit was dead first (good sign!) and said the compressor

was shorted out and cooked. I knew the two wires connected to the compressor

looked black and fried, but I didn't realize there were supposed to be another

wire connecting the other two "prongs." !! (BTW there was no plastic cover over

where the wires are connected to the compressor.)

Now I could use a bit of advice to find the right contractor. I've had 2 come by my
house so far, one more is coming tomorrow, and I may get one more estimate.
All 4 have been recommend by friends.

First, I have a new (3 years old) oil furnace installed by the previous owners just
before I moved into the house, but I don't if they changed the evaporator coil.

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This article originally appeared in Universe Today in July, 2012, but it’s been updated with a related video.

The planet Mars is one of the brightest objects in the night sky, easily visible with the unaided eye as a bright red star. Every two years or so, Mars and Earth reach their closest point, called “opposition”, when Mars can be as close as 55,000,000 km from Earth. And every two years, space agencies take advantage of this orbital alignment to send spacecraft to the Red Planet. How long does it take to get to Mars?

The total journey time from Earth to Mars takes between 150-300 days depending on the speed of the launch, the alignment of Earth and Mars, and the length of the journey the spacecraft takes to reach its target. It really just depends on how much fuel you’re willing to burn to get there. More fuel, shorter travel time.

History of Going to Mars:

The first spacecraft ever to make the journey from Earth to Mars was NASA’s Mariner 4, which...

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One of the most common questions our customers have is how long will it take to install their new central air conditioner. If it’s a standard installation, without any complications or corrective work that needs to be done, it’s almost always a 1-day job. That’s assuming you already have a forced air furnace and the ductwork in your home. If you’re replacing your existing air conditioner with a new ac unit, one day is certainly enough time complete the job.

If your installation does require work that falls outside of what is considered ‘standard,’ the technicians might still be able to complete the job in one day depending on how much additional work needs to be done, and how complex the problems are. At worst, it shouldn’t take more than 2 days to complete even the most difficult air conditioning installations.

So what type of issues can complicate a central air conditioning installation?

Attic or crawlspace installations Having to install new ductwork ...
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Question: My air conditioner unit in my home runs just about constantly just to stay at 76 degrees. Do I need to add more freon? Or do I need to replace my AC unit before summer gets here? Help! My electricity bill was over $350 dollars last month in April!

Answer 1 – It will depend on the temperature of inside your home and the outside air temperature and also how well your house is insulated. If you have vaulted ceilings and lots of big windows then this is something to consider. If there is cold air blowing from the vents then it may be doing all it can to keep it at 75 degrees. At times the AC Evaporator can get dirty from use. If this is dirty it will decrease the effectiveness of the AC unit temperature. You can try cleaning the evaporator coil with this cleaner here.

Answer 2 – Throw the expensive restrictive return “pollen” home air filters away and put a cheap free flowing return filter on there instead. Those high dollar filters are for equipment...

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Don't you wish you could find out how you scored on the SAT right after you finish? Or maybe you'd like to forget all about it and pretend it never happened (better luck next time)!

Either way, your wait time will be the same, at somewhere between three and six weeks. This article fills you in on all the details of score reporting, along with some advice for what to do once you get your scores.

When Do You Get Your SAT Scores?

How long does it take to get SAT scores back? Good question, and one that's on everybody's mind after finishing the exam. SAT scores are released between three and six weeks after you take the SAT, depending on your test date.

College Board used to have a shorter turn around of only three weeks for all test dates, but now have shifted to taking a bit of extra time to release scores for August and June test dates.

The actual time of score release varies, but sometimes it's as early as 5 AM Eastern Time...

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"...I would like to know what inspector did with the floors, that she/he was able to get $16K back from the sponsor..."

Inspector pulled off shoe molding to reveal improper installation that the developers tried to cover up, used laser leveling to show that the floor was not laid as level as it should have been, identified very minor cupping that could have become much worse due to dampness. I'm sure you pull off molding and bring a laser leveler with you to all your inspections, right?

"...And how did inspector tested heat/AC and the rest of the mechanics?..."

He started in the basement with a thorough review of all the systems, then used air flow tracking guages to confirm that flow up to the unit was within buildings specs. In addition, he used a thermometer/barometer to measure how quickly the unit cooled off and the air dried out at maximum settings to make sure the A/C was operating at desired capacity and within normalized threshholds. I suppose...

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Ever asked a developer or programmer the question, “How long will it take to build a mobile app?” Chances are you got a pretty vague answer -- something along the lines of, “Oh, I don’t know, it depends…”

As frustrating as this answer is, there’s a good reason why you’re hearing it. Even if you have a good sense of what you want your app to do and who your target audience is, your app’s development depends on an almost endless amount of factors, many of which are beyond your control. Until you’ve nailed down how you want your app to function down to the last detail, it’s impossible to accurately estimate how long it will take to make it -- and it’s very likely...

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Twice in five years I’ve cleaned my outdoor AC condenser, and both times I’ve been amazed by the amount of dirt and leaves I’ve found. Fortunately, cleaning your outdoor coil is a task that any homeowner can accomplish, and it doesn’t take very long. A good cleaning will help your AC unit to function more efficiently, and potentially make it last longer too. Read on to learn how I removed the fan, outside panels and scrubbed away a lot of dirt and debris from my outdoor AC condenser.

Editors note: This post originally ran in August 2009. In a related post about AC maintenance, one reader asked about cleaning an outdoor condenser unit, which prompted us to update this post with more pictures and information. If you find it helpful, give it a +1. Else, leave a comment and we’ll try to make it better.

Outdoor Condenser Coil

The coil transfers heat from your home to the outside, and this process works best when air can move freely. That’s why outdoor units...

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My husband and I have lived in this apt. for 5 years now. And since June 23, 2003, we've been w/out central AC. Took them 2 weeks during the hottest summer I've ever endured to finally get a repairman out here just to tell us that "yep, it's broken alright!". My response: "REALLY? I hadn't noticed!!!" Three grueling weeks later they sent 2 repairmen out, to get on the roof of the building and check out the rest of the unit up there. We were then told that the whole unit needed to be replaced, that it couldn't be fixed and that would involve them renting a crane (our building doesn't have a roof hatch) to hoist the new unit up there and get the old one down and that it might take some time b/c it'd be hard to rent a crane in the busy summer months.....and they would also require a few days of decent weather in order to install it. We've had plenty of consecutive days of GREAT weather.....and I see cranes at rental places, just sitting there, not being rented out (there's one just a...

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So since I just started out on this forum, I am wondering about certain things. When I write an application for a job, and he/she doesn't accept, will I get a notification, or how do I know whether I am just wasting my time, waiting for nothing, or the client is actually wondering about hiring me? I am a bit confused about the ''delivery date'', cos if I wrote an application, and let's just say the ''delivery date'' is the 6th of February, but I still haven't got a response on the deadline day. Or does the delivery date, mean the date where the client will choose who to hire? It would be much appreciated, if you would help me out here.

Note: Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section. Thanks in advance!...

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In the typical home, air conditioning uses more electricity than anything else—16% of total electricity used. In warmer regions AC can be 60-70% of your summer electric bill, according to Austin Energy. This is where the savings are folks, not in worrying that you left your cell phone charger plugged in too long.

The easiest way to save is to run the AC less often, and to dial the temperature up a degree or two when you do run it. My tips below show you how to be comfortable at warmer temperatures. I use these tips myself, and as a result I save hundreds of dollars every summer. I could take a trip to Las Vegas every year from what I save by not using AC. Even...

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What the heck is a kilowatt hour?

Before we see how much electricity costs, we have to understand how it's measured. When you buy gas they charge you by the gallon. When you buy electricity they charge you by the kilowatt-hour (kWh). When you use 1000 watts for 1 hour, that's a kilowatt-hour. For example:

To get kilowatt-hours, take the wattage of the device, multiply by the number of hours you use it, and divide by 1000. (Dividing by 1000 changes it from watt-hours to kilowatt-hours.) That's exactly what I did in the table above. If you'd rather not do the math then my handy calculator above will do all the work for you. You might also be interested in my list of wattage for most household...

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No No No! First of all as a HVAC technician you learn to never trust the breaker. I see it from time to time that you turn off the breaker and the unit still has 240 volts or more. This Instructable is not recommended for people who don't have a good understanding of electricity. The condenser fan has enough power to slice off fingers or break an arm or wrist. Also throwing water into the mix your asking for an accident. We USE multimeter's to double check the power is off.

The condenser fan blows upward sucking dirt, grass clippings, and other particulates into the coil from the outside in. So you spray from the inside out to flush it out and not lodge something in deeper.

To do this we generally take the top or the fan off. Problem is that the wires go to the contactor and to a capacitor. There's a possibility that contactor has 208+volts, and the capacitor can still deliver a massive shock even if the power is off since it can store a charge. Again a multimeter is...

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