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With those rough opening sizes, I would have stepped up the door sizes a bit, 32" in a 34" r. o. , and 38" in a 40" r
There are two things that need to be remembered when looking to childproof a door: Preventing your child from using the door on its own Preventing your child from injury due to moving parts such as hinges In this guide, I will cover products that wil
I bought them at a show, I rarely get sold on info-mercial type crap. They way these were demoed was like watching a Ginsu knife commercial. The regular price is 150, at the show they were 90
Okay, I'm trying to make my life easier with a complex landscape scene by using reference objects. I'm specifically focused on the clouds in the scene. I made a file that has only the cloud object
This up and over door is working properly, but I would like to make the house more accessible. This door is a bit heavy and you have to work against gravity to open in entirely. My idea was to cut it in two pieces, make some modifications to the fram
"Does anyone know how to set the default File Explorer view to show large icons when I open a file. .
Not all vacuum tubes have to be big glowing glass bottles. .
I planned very hard to have a double sliding barn door installed as part of a basement finishing project. In order to leave space for the baseboard and quarter round which will be exposed once the doors are closed, we put in a header and side trims e
I have a very small barn/chicken coop on my land that we basically use as a shed. It currently has a standard door on it. However I just got a new riding lawnmower and would like to store it in said barn
My dog chewed the bottom part of the doorframe to my bedroom. I live in a rented apartment, so this is not OK. Is there any way to fix it and make it look somewhat presentable (doesn't have to be perfect)? How do I find a matching frame? How do I mat