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The door to our garage has an Ives Rota Closer. In the past the door has always swung shut on its own, however today our daughter was pulling the door open (a bit too far I think) and now it suddenly seems to have lost its "pull" and the door no long
It can be done fairly easily, with normal hinges too. It would take a bit of alternative framing and jamb work. Open any normal "in swinging" door 90° and look at the gap between the door and jamb on the hinge side
1 Remove the hardware from the door. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the Emtek door hardware from the door. You don't need to remove the internal latch (that thing that keeps the door shut)
We've lost the key to our Novoferm garage door lock and as the company that installed it quoted over a hundred pounds to fit a replacement I thought I would get the lock and fit it myself. I took the handle off by removing the screw that goes through
Reference Number: KB-00294 Last Modified: July 16, 2015 The information in this article applies to: QUESTION I would like to know know to change the door hinge placement on a door in my plan. ANSWER You can adjust both the side of a hinged door that
Using a quality floor varnish is a great way of enhancing the natural character and grain of wooden floors, while protecting them from the general day to day wear and tear of busy environments. Cleaning and maintaining varnished floors with products
I use the same sensor. You will have to go into the IDE and add the capabilities that are on the multisensor to the device type metadata of your tilt sensor. Then it will let you add it as a garage doormetadata {// Automatically generated
The Schlage Keypad Lock with Lever Handle/Schlage Lever Door Lock (FE599NX) is a Z-Wave door lock. When integrated with the SmartThings platform, the lock can be used to remotely lock and unlock the door to your home. Combine the lock with a mobile p
I was in exact same situation replacing a 1970 door lock got a name brand lock and the barrel was protruding while hitting back of knob hole. Wondered same thing,it's like my new lock was John Holmes wtf. Anyways I went back to home Depot there was a
I have a patio that is raised on meter off the ground. On a side of it there are stairs that lead to a storage room. I would like to build a door for this opening from two parts a 1-meter high horizontal door that swings to the left (as you lookdown