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You were close with your search term, but try searching, "roller catch". You'll find a ton of choices. (edit to add a couple of thoughts
I've installed the new jamb, however the new jamb appears to bow a bit, and goes in quite a bit at the bottom. I haven't screwed it down yet, or shimmed it, I wanted a second set of eyes (and 3rd, 4th, 100th) to make sure I didn't do something wrong.
Installation CheckAnswer 7 brief questions to find out if Nuki Smart Lock can be installed on your door lock. nuki. io/checkEuro Profile Double Cylinderwith emergency function Door fittingshield or rosette fitting Knob or handleNuki can pull the latc
Any locksmith can tell you by looking at the key, if it has been poorly duplicated, or you can take a close-up or macro photo and post it here. If you're using the original key (it will have the full SCHLAGE name on it) then obviously a poorly-cut du
although every situation is different, generally when you frame the opening, add: horizontal 3/4" to each side for the jamb (or whatever the jamb thickness is) 1/2" to each side for the gap for shimming the jamb 1/4" extra for bifold or french doors
When you rent an old house, drafty doors and windows come with the territory. While sealing a drafty door should be a landlord expense, this is one fix-it project you can manage on your own at very little cost. Sealing a drafty door will make your ho
When deadbolt lock jam, it presents a tough problem to solve, mainly due to the frustration involved. The main cause of jammed deadbolt locks is someone trying to force them to work. When you remain calm, a lock does not take long to fix
Need inspiration for a new front door? Check out our explanation of the different types of front doors plus gallery of 58 different kinds. The front door is what takes you into a house. Welcoming, intimidating, bold, meek, or charming, the front door
The door to our garage has an Ives Rota Closer. In the past the door has always swung shut on its own, however today our daughter was pulling the door open (a bit too far I think) and now it suddenly seems to have lost its "pull" and the door no long
It can be done fairly easily, with normal hinges too. It would take a bit of alternative framing and jamb work. Open any normal "in swinging" door 90° and look at the gap between the door and jamb on the hinge side