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In this article, we'll focus on installing standard prehung doors. These have a door jamb that's 4-9/16 in. wide and are made to fit into a 2x4 wall that's 4-1/2 in
There's a built-in gap in the height and width of the opening. so trimmer/king plumb parallel to the wall's length isn't crucial (to a degree). It's far more critical to get the wall itself plumb perpendicular to the rough opening
I have a number of doors in different situations where opening the door fully will hit various things, in all cases I don't have a wall behind the door to fix a normal stop to. The only solution I can currently think of are the stops you screw in the
In security the principle of weakest link applies. It's not possible to tell if the surface mounting alone will be the point of failure in your setup. The material of the door, the frame, hinges and the part which is most often overlooked: how well i
We renovated our house ~2 years ago and had some big full-height indoor sliding doors installed. Hardware for doors is: A track recessed into ceiling, from which door is hanging (see photo, top half) A track recessed into top of door (see photo, bott
Your exterior front door is the center piece of your home. It brings character and charm, welcoming your family and friends inside. Regardless of what style you choose, the last thing you want is a front door that leaks or does not function properly
What happens when you try to use the correct key? If it turns normally, the lock cylinder is fine and your kids are probably not culpable. Once unlocked, what happens when you turn the knob? If it starts to move but doesn't go all the way, this may j
Assuming these doors are exactly the same size, you should switch the doors by unscrewing each door's hinges from its frame, and then reinstalling in the other frame. You will probably need to mark the outline of the hinges in their new positions and
Hello Shenriquez, welcome to our community. I actually work in the door & window department at the Home Depot in the Chicagoland area. I will assume that this door is either from a bathroom or bedroom, and not the exit door that leads to the comm