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My cousin has an external door with a knob lock and a double-deadbolt lock. She prefers not to keep the deadbolt locked. If she goes out through that door, she normally turns the knob, leaving the lock engaged, exits, and pulls the door closed, expec
I've been using a Beninca TWV remote (Shown below) to open my home garage door for the last 3/4 years without any problems, until this morning when the remote stopped working. To be clear I replaced the battery last night, which is the only thing I c
The key to installing, replacing or straightening a door is knowing how to install door hinges. Most stock doors are sold without a frame; they aren't prepped for installation. These doors are made for universal installation so they can be made to op
Total novice here. My wife wants one of those security door guards (a hinged arm that swings open to a point) on the door. I had bought the hardware, but put it off when the provided screws turned out to be for wood only, unable to penetrate the fron
1) A couple layers of duct tape on the back of the hinge leaf. 2) A layer or two of paperboard or non-corrugated cardboard scavenged from discarded packaging. 3) Simpson tie plates, trimmed to fit
I have to install laminate (actually it's click luxury vinyl planks) across multiple rooms in the basement (and some steps) without transition. I have laid laminate in single rooms before, but this is something new and frankly a little overwhelming.
There are a lot of options you could consider depending on your budget and opinion on "cheap". There are acoustic dampening windows you could look into if you have a higher budget and don't mind replacing your window. If you're sure that the main sou
You do need to have a primer for sure. Just a tip from someone who paints 20+ metal doors a year. Use automotive spray paint
In this article, we'll focus on installing standard prehung doors. These have a door jamb that's 4-9/16 in. wide and are made to fit into a 2x4 wall that's 4-1/2 in
There's a built-in gap in the height and width of the opening. so trimmer/king plumb parallel to the wall's length isn't crucial (to a degree). It's far more critical to get the wall itself plumb perpendicular to the rough opening