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Copper fittings for soldered joints Pipe fittings: 1) Copper (solder); 2) Iron or brass (threaded); 3) Brass (compression); 4) Brass (compression to solder); 5) Brass adapters A fitting is used in pipe systems to connect straight pipe or tubing secti
So the other day I’m doing some laundry, I go down to put it in the dryer and FUUUUUDGGGGEE, the utility sink is COMPLETELY FULL. Not good, right? The sink should easily be able to handle the water from the washer. No way it should look like this
This article will explain to you how to fix leaking pipes under a slab foundation. Signs of a Slab Leak. The occurrence of water or damp spots on the floor
The ultimate standard is going to be your local building department and inspector, but the International Plumbing Code only specifically prohibits plumbing in elevator shafts or in elevator equipment rooms (301. 6). The only requirements specific to
There's not really any other option. However, there's a small compromise but it depends on the construction of your house. You can get a connector piece that converts the outlet hose into a rectangular outlet, the same price as a brick
I am installing a utility sink in my basement and need to rework the drain pipe and standpipe for my washing machine in the process. Above is the original drain pipe and stand pipe that the washing machine used to drain into. I had to move the washin
Vent pipe in roof. What's the min. height? We have several vent pipes protruding from our roof
Plumbing in concrete slabs pretty much requires ripping the floor open to make any changes to it. I suppose if you chose a new toilet with a LARGE base and were very careful you MIGHT be able to keep all the floor damage under it, but that's making a
I think the most likely cause is that waste water from the upper sink is being forced up into the vent pipe for the lower sink. The water descends without much restriction for about nine feet and accumulates enough kinetic energy to escape its intend