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A drainage pipe is a pipe that removes water from a particular area. There are many types of drainage pipes; some are meant to drain water off roofs, while others are used to drain water away from land. This type of water removal is vital for preventing flooding of basements, damage to structures, soil erosion, and the creation of swamp-like conditions around a person’s home or property. Often, these drain pipes are made of plastic, concrete, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or ceramic.

The type of pipe a person chooses for his property depends on the drainage situation at hand. Some types of drainage pipes take in water through openings at their joints while other pipes are perforated to take in water all along their length. It’s important to choose a material that is strong enough for its job yet as simple as possible for installation. Choosing based on price alone isn’t usually the best option.

PVC pipes, made of combined plastic and vinyl, are often used for projects in...

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Two-pipe drainage system

Primarily found in houses built before the late 1950s, in a two-pipe system the WC waste is fed into a large diameter vertical soil pipe, seperate to the other waste water. The key features of this system are:

WC waste is fed into a large bore soil pipe, which leads directly to the sewage network, and often runs down the outside wall of a propertyRemaining waste waters from washbasins, bath and kitchen sink etc are combined via seperate smaller bore branch pipes in a gully just below ground levelTo prevent back siphoning and to discharge any gases from the drains, the large soil pipe is vented to the outside above the gutteringAll appliances contain a u-bend trap full of water to prevent drain smells penetrating the houseThe waste from the gully finally meets the soil water a short distance from the property on its way to the sewersAt this meeting point will be an inspection chamber with a manhole...
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*Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe.

In engineering terms, the PCCP structure is very efficient. It makes effective use of the compressive strength of concrete. PCCP incorporates the use of very high strength reinforcing steel, usually referred to as prestressing steel, and uses it very efficiently. It is manufactured in diameters from 18 inches to the 21-footer mentioned previously, however diameters above 14 feet are rare. It is used wherever people need to convey water under pressure raw water pipelines, force main sewers, industrial cooling systems, and others.

-PCCP was introduced during World War II in an effort to minimize the use of steel. By the 1960's its use was widespread. The American Water Works Association maintains the standard for PCCP in its Standard C 301 (manufacture) and Standard C304 (design). Many improvements have been incorporated into the manufacture of the product over the...

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DrainageOnline offers underground drain pipes and fittings at competitive prices delivered throughout the UK.

We pride ourselves on service and this had helped us become a leading drainage pipe supplier, not just because of our excellent plastic drainage pipe prices, but because of our commitment to continually improve our drainage ranges and our service.

Our comprehensive range of underground drainage products include 110mm drainage pipe, 160mm drainage pipe, twinwall drainage pipe, hoppers, gullies, gully covers, inspection chambers, inspection chamber risers (also called inspection chamber sections), shallow inspection chambers (also called mini inspection chambers), road and yard gullies, flexseal couplings, non return valves and much more.

If you have any questions on under ground drain pipe and fittings please feel free to email your enquiry, or pick up the phone and speak to one of our experienced drainage experts, and we will endeavour to solve your...

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I've been doing drainage/ basement waterproofing work for 28 years, and only used pvc the first year I have not bought a stick of perf pvc since, the only thing they are good for would be a septic leach field.

We do use solid pvc often, for carrying storm water but not for collecting it.

If you use enough stone either pipe would be ok, even no pipe.
The more stone below the pipe the better, it provides a greater buffer from sediment buid up.
In the real world, as a contractor we are trying to do the quickest, most cost effective job, for us HDPE is the way to go.
Single Wall – ADS Pipe

I've explained this before on other threads, with perf pvc, once the pipe is 1/3 full of sediment it stops allowing water in thru the holes, that's for the typical pvc with 2 rows of holes on the bottom. with ADS the pipe can be over 90% full and still take in water, because the slots go all around.
I've pulled out plenty of pvc due to this problem, no...

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Blockage Maintenance

# Regularly remove any hairs that get trapped in the waste plug hole. # Keep small objects such as combs, medicine bottles and toilet rolls away from places where they could accidentally fall into the toilet. # Regularly flush the wash basin and bath or shower pipe work with hot water and a disinfectant to clear soap residue and prevent build up over time. # Don’t flush away large and disposable items such as sanitary towels, nappies or product wrapping as they can become caught in the drainage pipe. # Do not dispose of waste food scraps and cuttings down the kitchen sink. These are much better composted. If any items do fall into the sink pull the vegetable material out of the plug hole, do not try to poke through as you could impact the blockage making it harder to remove. # Never dispose of cooking fats down the drain system. As they hit cold water they will solidify. If there is absolutely no alternative you should dilute and emulsify...

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Example sentences with "drainage pipe", translation memory

Inflow regulation device for a production pipe for production of oil or gas from an oil- and/or gas reservoir (9), where the production pipe comprises a lower drainage pipe with drainage pipe sections (5) with one or more drainage pipe elements (2; 2a, 2b) having opening(s) (3; 3a, 3b) for inflow of oil and/or gas to an inner space (8) of the drainage pipe section.The methods are essentially characterised by that each drainage pipe (2) has a head portion (3) adapted for facilitating the insertion of the drainage pipe (2) into the targeted ground region (4), and by that the supporting structural element (1) comprises guide ducts (5) for guiding the drainage pipes (2), each duct having an arced section (6) guiding the drainage pipes (2) towards the ground.The invention relates to a screw press (1) comprising threads (3) and at least one rotatable hollow stem (2) as well as a sieve cylinder (4) surrounding the stem (2) in...
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St. Regis Culvert, manufacturer of high quality corrugated steel pipe, produces many profiles and diameters to provide economical site solutions for storm sewer and culverts. Proudly serving many of the Midwest States including: Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois and Ohio, St. Regis Culvert is dedicated to personal service and on time delivery.

We manufacture a wide variety of construction products to solve real world challenges our customers face. Consider this a resource for:

Engineering Firms – challenged to calculate flow characteristics of different drainage pipes, and achieve on-time, on-budget turn-key product solutionsDistributors – challenged to answer engineering questions for contractors, keeping the right inventory, and providing cost-effective productsContractors – challenged with winning more bids, keeping delivery schedules and avoiding job downtimeGovernment agencies – challenged with project management of aging infrastructures, making difficult...
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Grading of your property should be the first step prior to any landscape items being installed. Make sure you & your landscaper have a clear understanding of how your property will be graded to direct storm runoff away from property.

We have been on countless Drainage remediation projects, consultations & Landscape renovations. The story is usually the Home Builder blaming the Landscape or Pool contractor & the Landscape or Pool contractor blaming the Home Builder for the Drainage problems.

Unfortunately, many times the homeowner is left footing the bill of often several thousand dollars because the Builder or Unlicensed Landscaper or Pool builder have gone out of business & are nowhere to be found or the warranty has expired.

The truth is that it is usually a combination of all of the contractors involved that contribute to drainage problems.

You as the homeowner should be vigilant in making sure that during every step of the...

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Perforated Pipe, Holes Point Down

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One of the most fequent questions we are asked about French Drains or Gravel Drains, is “Which Way Do The Holes Point On Perforated Pipe?”

To answer this question you can watch a video about How A French Drain Works, or Read Below.

Holes Point Down and Here is why –

See Also –

Also see: How A French Drain Works

Apple Drains – Columbus Ohio – (614) 726-1890
We Do Complete Rainwater Drainage

Ok.. The reason the holes point down in a gravel drain or French drain is..
Water must flood from the bottom of the trench up into the pipe. There is No Way water is going to drop into the holes if the they point up. Remember, the pipe is surrounded by gravel. Water falling from above will pass through the voids in the gravel and fill the trench. As the water rises, it enters the pipe through the holes.

So what that means is, the...

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Service Areas

Avon, IN Anderson, IN Brownsburg, IN Bloomington, IN Brazil, IN Carmel, IN Cicero, IN Columbus, IN Crawfordsville, IN Danville, IN Elwood, IN Elletsville, IN Evansville, IN Fairland, IN Fishers, IN Fort Wayne, IN Frankfort, IN Franklin, IN Greensburg, IN Greenfield, IN Greenwood, IN Indianapolis, IN Jasper, IN Jeffersonville, IN Kokomo, IN Lafayette, IN Lawrence, IN Lebanon, IN Logansport, IN Madison, IN Marion, IN Martinsville, IN Mooresville, IN Muncie, IN New Albany, IN New Castle, IN New Palestine, IN Noblesville, IN North Vernon, IN Pendleton, IN Peru, IN Portage, IN Seymour, IN Richmond, IN Shelbyville, IN Terre Haute, IN Westfield, IN Zionsville, IN Louisville, KY Shelbyville, KY Frankfort,KY Lexington, IN La Grange, KY Shepherdsville, KY Elizabethtown, KY Bardstown, KY Lawrenceburg, KY Georgetown, KY Crestwood, KY Florence, KY Dayton, OH Cincinnati, OH Middletown, OH Mason, OH Fairfield, OH Hamilton, OH Beavercreek, OH Xenia, OH Springfield, OH...

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CPM offer an extensive range of precast concrete flexible spigot and socket jointed pipes from 225mm to 1800mm to BS EN 1916:2002 Class 120, ovoid pipes and perforated pipes for use in both foul and surface water applications.

Concrete pipes dating back to Roman times have been discovered in the United Kingdom and users of CPM precast concrete pipes have the security of a design life of 120 years that ensures lifetime costs are kept to a minimum.

All precast concrete pipes manufactured to class 4 (DC4) sulphate resistance in accordance with the recommendations of BRE Special Digest

With an inherent strength and durability, concrete is an environmentally friendly and cost effective material that provides the following benefits: Increased cost savings Quicker installation Lower environmental impact

Tabled dimensions are for guidance only. For accurate dimensions and weights please contact the Technical team, as these may vary

CPM is able to offer precast...

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Award Winning Drainage Company in Salisbury covering Wiltshire, Hampshire & Dorset

When you are looking for a local drainage company be cautious! Searches on the net will throw up a lot of companies who say they are local. Some are not even real drainage companies, they are virtual agencies who then look for a drainage contractor close to you.

How can we help you?

Wessex Drainage Solutions Ltd are a genuine company based in West Dean, near Salisbury with teams employed by us that cover a sixty five mile radius. A real family type of business with old fashioned values and the very latest in equipment and techniques we cover everything from emergency drain unblocks to the installation of septic tanks, soakaways and excavation in the highways. Our method of repairs to drains, including pitch fibre and resin lining means that you can save on the carbon footprint and this combined with our rainwater harvesting systems has earned us green awards.


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