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EDIT: Comments above say that you have 1-2" of water. There is no solution for this other than fixing the drain. (Or going to marine style doors with a raised threshold
When rain comes pouring down on your roof, you may notice water that’s supposed to be falling into your gutters missing it entirely at the corners where two perpendicular roof surfaces meet to form a valley. This effect is caused by the increased amo
Presumably, the street's maximum flooding depth is the 1-foot before it finds drainage from the entire block's area. The step under your door would mean the street would then have to rise to 14, 16 or 18-inches to ever be a threat again. Flash Floodi
Were these fixtures to overflow, not only would they ruin the bath floor, but the first floor ceiling and the downstairs floor as well. Big damage, so they have overflow protection. Kitchens are typically on the first floor, thus would only ruin the
How Many Blocks & Cement Will 3bedroom Flat Chops by (m): 10:05pm On Jan 06, 2010 all esuite. and cost of aluminium roofing? Re: How Many Blocks & Cement Will 3bedroom Flat Chops by (m): 2:40pm On Jan 09, 2010 is there no builder in the house
New Construction New homes and room additions are frequently the victims of poor planning with regard to grading. I can't tell you how many houses I have seen that were put too deeply into the ground. This condition causes marshy ground, wet basement
What a week! Adobe made a lot of announcements which raised a lot of questions on the web, and led to a lot of WTF (which meant”What The Flex” right?). I feel that since MAX, the Flex community was expecting some clarification about the future of Fle
When water freezes, it expands about 9 percent. As the water in moist concrete freezes it produces pressure in the pores of the concrete. If the pressure developed exceeds the tensile strength of the concrete, the cavity will dilate and rupture
The reservoir drive mechanism supplies the energy that moves the hydrocarbon located in a reservoir container toward the wellbore as fluid is removed near the wellbore. There are five common drive mechanisms: Water drive Gas expansion Solution gas Ro
As "D-on" suggested, the best way to go is under the concrete path. If you feel like replacing the cracked section, then pull it out, dig a trench, and extend the downspout through the trench (ductwork all the way). Alternatively, dig a trench under