Drilling/screwing into exterior metal door?


I bought them at a show, I rarely get sold on info-mercial type crap. They way these were demoed was like watching a Ginsu knife commercial. The regular price is 150, at the show they were 90. I took the gamble after I saw the guy drill holes through a Cooper File, then through a concrete block and a brake rotor.

I haven't used them for long but a few things to note.

- Not split point, so they are a bitch to start with walking unless you have a divot or hole already started.
- They drill slower than standard twist bits.
- They don't cut and clean out the hole as nice either.

But the advantage is

- its a flexible steel shaft so when an idoit borrows them they can't snap them off.
- carbide tip wears like...well carbide

They are like a jack-of-all trades master-of-none drill bit. Even at 90 bucks they are overpriced but the company will replace them for free even if you wear the blade completely off, break them from abuse,...

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In this video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva explains how to install a prehung exterior door.

1. Use drill/driver to back out door hinge screws; remove door
2. Remove screws and/or nails from the hinge-side doorjamb
3. Push old doorframe out of the opening, and discard
4. Install Z-flashing over the door casing at the top of the opening
5. Apply thick bead of caulk along the sides and top of opening
6. Set the new prehung door into place, pressing it tight against the framing
7. Check the threshold for level; slip shims under threshold, if necessary
8. Temporarily screw through hinge-side jamb, then check spacing around inside of door
9. Insert shims into spaces between the hinge-side jamb and wall framing
10. From outside, pull back weatherstripping, drill pilot holes and drive masonry screws through hinge-side jamb and into masonry wall (use decking screws for wood wall)
11. Repeat the procedure...

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