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You do not want to just place the concrete tiles on native ground soil. A proper installation would be to dig out the native soil down to a solid base. Then lay in a layer of crushed rock to aid in water drainage
I am currently updating to a new gravel driveway for our house, and all the kerb edgings are now in. I need to add 2 rows of small square edging stones at the drive entrance. As these will be receiving the vehicular traffic on and off the drive, I wa
It's generically called a screen, and they range from a wooden frame with a section of metal mesh on it that you shovel mixed material on, which sorts itself by gravity, on up to a mechanized thing on the back of a tractor trailer with a bunch of con
Expansion Joints Trim-A-Slab is available in four sizes, 1/2", 3/4", 1" and 1-3/8" - and also in three colors, cement grey, walnut, and black. Trim-A-Slab sizes follow THE GAP THAT YOU ARE FILLING. For more information on specific products choose fro
3. Lay the first course of timbers. These and all the other timbers should be level along their length, but should have a 1/4-inch pitch to lean the wall into the hill