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This vinyl bow window was installed about 15-20 years ago: Overall it looks and works OK, but the underside is wood and has severely rotted around the outer edges: Here's a detail of one corner. There is a cut hole in both outer corners, with what ap
This isn't a stellar answer because there's more information needed. But here's a start. First, your roof system is built with trusses, so the forces acting on the wood behave a little differently than classic stick framing
That 2x4 is probably your problem, if snow and ice build up in the gutter (aka eaves trough) high enough then water will flow into the spot where you can see debris there now. The best thing you could do, without moving the eaves trough and cutting t
Hey everyone, hope all is well! I've been seeing a few different ways to tackle this project and was just curious of everyone's opinion on it. I'm in the process of redoing my entire kitchen and now that everything is gutted, the original subfloor (1
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