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Clothes Dryer Vents: The Proper and the ImproperBy Matthew Steger, ACI I continually run into confusion from property owners and Realtors regarding what the proper venting material should be for clothes dryers. Statistics from the Consumer Product Sa
A good heating element should have continuity. When the heating element breaks, there is no continuity between the heater terminals. But sometimes, the broken ends of the heating element can make contact with the metal heater housing (from vibration)
for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz supply service. A new 240 volt socket outlet needs to be installed so that you can then just plug the new dryer into it. Call a licensed electrician
I can certainly collect some pictures for this but I'm hoping on sound engineering & design principles I'll get a recommendation worthy of executing to that meets code. I have a vented clothes dryer. I do not have a ventless dryer and I am consid
[QUOTE] Posted By: hotrodder89 Most people don't know how to read an analog meter and become overwhelmed when they see all the number and lines. Heck with digital sometimes they are lucking just getting the knob turned to right spot. let alone with a
Depends on the reason it's not heating. You don't give much info, so we'll go thru the possibilities. If it's running, that is the drum turns around, but no heat, then there's a possibility, if you have fuses, that one of them is blown
This little tip was one that came into my inbox in one of those little round ups of different tips that get forwarded around the world in email. You know the ones. Things like “67 uses for a banana peel”, and “101 ways to make life easier for your ca
Depending on whether you have an electrical dryer or a gas dryer, the answer will be different. I am going to assume you are in the US, and using an electrical dryer. Then the calculation goes like this: Assuming you have an electrical dryer, typical
Background: As the title says, I'm about to (within the next week or 2) install a dryer booster for a new (to my friend, not newly built) house. The dryer vent goes through a couple bends behind the wall but then goes straight up about 15-20 feet whe
I live in an old apartment which does not have laundry, or even laundry hookups. Since I despise laundromats, I took it upon myself to get a portable washer which connects to a sink, and a portable dryer. Now that summer is here, the dryer really nee