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The term “heating elements” refers to any and all heat generation equipment in electric heaters. Found in equipment of all shapes and sizes and with a variety of configurations and materials, heating elements all have the same goal: to convert electr
Getting power to the machine is the easy part. The neutral goes to the silver screw in the center, and the two hots go to the brass screws on either side. Now the machine is powered
Rovac Systems makes a dryer duct cleaning system. A basic kit consists of: a vacuum with 12 foot section of 3" ID hose (P/N 8581 or 8501) a Wye pipe (P/N 8521) a 25-feet "residential rod kit" (P/N 5185) which consists of: a RodCaddy 8 3-feet resident
Last night was doing laundry noticed a really strong burning smell from the garage, went in and it was a nasty smell, not like hot metal but like hot burning plastic or something. The clothes smell really strong and bad. The cycle was finished and I
I'm completely renovating our bathroom, which includes moving the washer/dryer and stacking them. It's the physical installation part that's making me a little nervous.
This circuit should also not have any other outlets, other than the ones for "laundry equipment". So keep the 15 ampere circuit for your general use receptacles, and run a new 20 ampere circuit for the "laundry equipment". Also note that the receptac
get a wiring diagram for your specific make and model. see which sensors it has, or any thermal overloads. and begin checking them
Observation is key to troubleshooting a gas dryer. Does your dryer get hot at the beginning of the run but finish cold? Does it never heat at all? Do you hear a chattering sound at times? If your dryer is hot at the beginning of the run but finishes
When moving an electric dryer or range to a new (to it) dwelling, it is not unusual to have to replace the "cord" (pigtail) on the appliance. Look carefully at the outlet in the house and go to a hardware store, appliance store, or electrical supply
It sounds like he was running something at 200 volts using both sides of the breaker, If not, he is definitely using the white wire someplace as the hot and just waiting for somebody to get zapped on it. The breaker could be bad, might be the problem