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I made a mistake with drilling a hole in the drywall. It's off by about 1/4-1/2 inch. The new hole will be really close to the old hole, or knowing my poor drilling skills, it will overlap the old hole
Photo: Flickr On the Manhattan Brownstone project, Bob, Chris Vila, and architect Brian O’Keefe discovered an intact ceiling cornice that made them rethink plans to completely gut the interior space during demolition. Instead, they decided to keep th
So I've recently moved in to a new house and the kitchen has two "blind cabinets" but no real good place to put my cat's food and water where it will be out of the way. So I got this brilliant idea that I could partition one of these blind corner cab
I plan on cutting tile and finishing the vertical strip just under the remaining tiles. My challenge is meeting up the new drywall with the existing tile so that it is flush. My questions are: 1
If I use GPL software in my application, but don't modify or distribute it, do I have to release my application under the GPL? ANSWER: Your question is a little ambiguous. Two cases: (a) If you do not distribute YOUR APPLICATION, then the answer is N
Inventing a lighting control system only you and family know how to control would frustrate intruders, but it would also frustrate first responders. And guests. To me, it violates a basic tenet of architectural design, which is that a home and its fe
What type of screwdriver setup is best to use for attaching drywall to nonstructural steel studs? Yesterday, I tried using my dedicated drywall screwdriver with fine-threaded drywall screws (which specifically advertised they could be used with light
Short version: My drill bit didn't have any wood shavings on it. Did I miss the stud? Long version: Operating just outside of my DIY comfort zone, I have erected a picture rail on the wall about 50mm from the ceiling. The picture rail is going to bea
We've had some new uPVC windows fitted. The upstairs bay window presented some problems and, as a result, the "wall" above the window frame is now studwork with cement board on the external side and plasterboard on the internal side. Before the work,
I agree with littlecaesarsdad. Usually, you can find the drywall price by doing this little trick: Take the floor square footage, which in your case is 1,200. Multiply the floorspace by about 5, to be safe