Drywall screws snap off when trying to fix squeaky subfloor


I'm not endorsing a specific product, but why don't you pick up a box of cement board or "hardibacker" screws, or deck screws for that matter. It's unlikely that you'll snap the heads off, and while the broken drywall screws might stop the squeaking, at least for a while, I would think that a good solid screw head pinning the boards down would stand a better chance of solving the problem long-term.

I've had an extremely squeaky floor become dead silent after screwing down cement board and tiling a floor. Which, I suppose, isn't surprising. But my point is that there are screws essentially made for this purpose, and drywall screws don't really fit that...

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Noisy floors and doors aren't simply annoying; they can signal to potential buyers that your home is not well cared for.

Sure, squeaky doors and creaky floors are annoying, but if you’re trying to sell your home, they can actually scare away potential buyers who may wonder what other repairs you’ve failed to make.

There are numerous ways to try to silence these squeaks in your house. Some fixes are quicker and cheaper than others. And, pros warn, it’s unlikely any of these repairs will make the squeaks disappear forever; ongoing maintenance may be necessary to keep the peace – and quiet.

Subdue door squeaks

The cries that come from noisy door hinges are generally due to wear or settling. These squeaks and squeals can be quieted by squirting a few drops of oil into the offending hinge. This repair should stop the creaks for a little while.

If you are in search of long-term quiet, close the door and tap out one hinge pin at a time. Most hinges...

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Working from Above

When you can't get access to the floor joists from below, your only choice is to make the repairs from above. The trick, however, is to silence the squeaks without damaging the finished floor. Fortunately, there are two fastening systems, both manufactured by O'Berry Enterprises, that can do just that. Carpeting. The Squeeeeek-No-More Kit (about $30) can be used on carpeting laid over a wood subfloor. The kit consists of a screwdriver bit, pilot screw to help you locate joists, depth-control fixture and 50 specially designed breakaway screws. First, locate the joist nearest the squeak. Stand the depth-control fixture on the carpet directly over the joist. After wrapping transparent tape around one of the screws to prevent it from catching on the carpet strands, drive it through the fixture. Remove the fixture, tip it sideways and insert the screwhead into the slot in the top of the fixture. Rock the fixture side to side until the screwhead snaps off below...

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by Crystal Hosking, Hosking Hardwood Flooring

It’s as eventual as that first gray hair or your first wrinkle — squeaky subfloors.

As houses settle, as floors are walked across, as seasons change. All of these cause shifts in your subfloor. As plywood subfloors are are put the test and stressed, they eventually start to offer a little give when pressure is applied and the subfloor becomes loose from the flooring joists. This results in a squeak.

We all know that squeaky floors can be annoying. It used to be that the only way to fix a squeak would be to rip up whatever flooring was down and repair the subfloor directly. If you’ve already been planning on replacing your old flooring, then fixing the subfloor once you rip up is a great idea. This pretty much involves checking out the subfloor for any water/mold damage and replacing it. If it’s a problem with just wear over the years, you can resecure the subfloor to the joists and you could even add another layer...

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Squeaky floors occur when the subfloor separates from the floor joists and moves up and down when walked on. Older subfloors were made from planks that ran diagonally across the floor joists. Modern subfloors are made from plywood or oriented strand

Squeaky floors occur when the subfloor separates from the floor joists and moves up and down when walked on. Older subfloors were made from planks that ran diagonally across the floor joists. Modern subfloors are made from plywood or oriented strand board. The cure for a squeaky floor is to reunite it with the floor joists. You can fix a squeaky subfloor from above or below the floor using any of several techniques.

Skill level:Moderate

Things you need

Stud finderSqueeeeek-No-More kitBattery drill/driver1/8-inch drill bitColour-matched puttyWood shimsYellow glue3/32 drill bit2 1/2-inch, #10 wood screws


Squeaky Floor Kits for Carpeting

1 Press the...

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It is truly irritating to hear your floors squeaking. And what used to be an attractive and aesthetically pleasing floor could end up looking horrible if it becomes squeaky. Aside from the irritating noise, the value of your home could decrease, and this is not good if you are trying to sell your home.

The good news is that fixing the squeaky floor is just easy and you do not need to hire a professional to get this issue resolved. In fact, the process of how to fix squeaky floors could take a few minutes only for as long as you have the necessary tools needed for the repair.

The squeaking of the floors is often due to the rubbing of floorboards or sub floor sheets against each other. The resulting friction can lead to noise and vibrations. By learning the steps of identifying the squeaky floors and securing them, the noise will be minimized and your floor will be back to looking beautiful once again.

Determine the Source of the Squeak

The first...

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Seriously, a squeaky clothes dryer certainly makes it worse for all of us. No one likes to work with a noisy dryer, irritation aside, it simply does not sound right. So, what do you when you hear a shrill coming out of your dryer? Easy way out would be to call on a technician who would help you fix it.

However, hiring help from out may mean shelling out hundreds of dollars. Then, starts your quandary, how to fix a squeaky dryer. You tell yourself, wish you had known, but you don’t and that makes a difference.

Don’t worry; we have got you covered today because here is a post that will assist you with all that. That is correct, as we employed two methods for you to seek help. One is an easy method and the other one is a bit elaborate. Suit yourself accordingly.

How To Fix a Squeaky Dryer – Temporary method

Look, this is no rocket science and there can be no right or wrong answer to this. You can opt for this process and see whether it solves your...

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If possible you should glue the subfloor to the joist to eliminate squeak. Screws are not enough to fix it permanently.

Usually it is not possible to pull up a subfloor to do it properly so adding more screws will help lessen the squeaks now that the wood has all dried and settled. There are application specific flooring screws that have two tracks of teeth at different depths available. They are not much better than standard wood construction or deck screws for this, they supposedly speed up installation time as they are self drilling but hold no better or worse than a standard deck screw.

I had access to one section of squeaky subfloor in my home where we could access it from unfinished basement below. I removed all the existing fasteners and was able to get a bead of glue in from below before going back to refasten. The bedrooms had no such access so we only added screws from the top while doing a carpet replacement and after about 6 years they are squeaking...

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A squeaky floor can be a truly annoying thing for most people, though many parents can find it a bit of a blessing when their children try to sneak out for the night. However, even that limited blessing can wear off over time. Fixing squeaky flooring isn't all that difficult of a task, and one that just about anyone can do. Just make sure that you follow these simple directions.

Keep in mind, that most of these directions will require that you also work from underneath the floor, so you may have to do some additional work to access that point. That additional work will not be detailed here though.

Fix the joist directly. Often times squeaky flooring is caused by the subflooring becoming separated from the floor joists, which causes the nails to squeak as they go in an out of the holes in the joists. If the gap between the flooring and the joist is large enough, you can simply fasten an appropriately sized piece of scrap flooring to the joist. Make sure that the flat edge...
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To eliminate the squeaks try one or more of these ideas:

If there are wedges stuck into the joints of the risers and the steps, tap those is tight or add more if some are missing. A dab of glue on the wedge before tapping it in will hold it in place.

If you identify a squeaker, glue and screw some blocks in place underneath where the riser meets the tread. Glue and screw the block to the riser first, just a little lower than the upper edge so that the tread will be pulled down to it by the screw.

To stiffen them up and eliminate creaks, you can install metal "L" shelf brackets. Again, mount them a little lower than the upper edge on the riser so that the tread will be pulled down.

Creaky Hardwood Stairs

Can and how do you repair creaky hard oak wood stairs and floor boards. A friend of mine told me to sprinkle baby powder over the boards. What I want to do is repair the stairs from creaking so much before I lay down new carpeting,...

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