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Overview: The benefits of primerOne of the most powerful tools in any pro painter’s arsenal is what goes underneath the paint—primer. Primer is an excellent problem-solver that’s less like paint and more like glue. It sticks to whatever you’re preppi
over 3" deep is going to be too low of a water level. .
Why is my Drywall Cracking? Drywall cracks appear due to movement or settling of a house. This does not necessarily mean your house is going to fall down. Some settling is normal
drywall – How do I repair a curtain rod anchor that was ripped out Best Answer: I wouldnt fix anything directly to the UPVC frame i would get a larger rail and fix it to the wall either side of the frame Curtain Rail ideas Woodworking As A Hobby or L
I have a room with west facing windows (I dont think the direction bears any importance to this question), but for some reason this room seems to accumulate dust on surfaces a lot faster than other rooms in the house. We try and spring clean the hous
what are you doing wont work. the flex in the treads, risers and the outside faces of the drywall will lead to eternal cracking. the only way to do it is to replace the drywall with same thickness plywood (with a finished face)
Sand them flat (or even slightly dished). Apply joint tape to any cracks (my personal preference is mesh, though you'll find lots of opinions). Apply all purpose joint compound in numerous thin coats
Mounting a television on the wall can save space and enhance viewing. Those who are interesting in hanging their TV on a mount bracket may be curious about their options. Consumers can choose between a variety of TV mount brackets
A horizontal board between two studs is typically fire blocking. The idea of fire blocking is to prevent a cavity in a wall more than 8' high where fire can quickly spread. You'll see this in any room with over 8' ceilings
Rigid foam board, commonly called blueboard or beadboard, is commonly used as ceiling insulation. It's easy to install in a difficult, over-the-head manner, moisture and rot resistant and provides a higher R-value rating, inch for inch, than either f