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Insert the screw into the bolt. Unlike the other two types of anchors, which require the anchor and the support screw to be installed separately, the molly bolt and screw are installed at the same time. Prepare the molly bolt by screwing the support
" How about a better mounting bracket? I know they make ceiling fan mounting kits for remodel jobs so why not for flat screen? Check out what's available for TVs before you demo the wall if it should come to that. I know there's a lot of hardware out
There is nothing in the code that requires a specific type of drywall be used and there are various other materials of various thicknesses that can be used instead of drywall. The only time that code requires a specific thickness of drywall is for fi
By contrast, a curtain wall provides no significant structural support beyond what is necessary to bear its own materials or conduct such loads to a bearing wall. Load-bearing walls are one of the earliest forms of construction. The development of th
The drywall mud is just as likely to stick to the aluminum flashing as it is to the board. Just observe how well dried mud sticks to your drywall mud taping knives. It may be possible to put a light coat of mineral oil or silicon lubricant spray on t
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Assuming that this is a new 4 inches of floor on a ground level structure. .
As Gozdan pauses near the middle of the paint maze, he points out how all this theory translates into reality. At a series of mock-ups of window frames coated with oil paint, he jabs a finger at stringy hairline cracks on some of the wood and deeper,
It looks like water damage to me. Likely either a roof leak or a condensation problem with one of the ducts (or something else entirely that you don't know is there?). It's also possible for the leak to be elsewhere above the ducts and this is just w
Wallpaper can leave behind a messy residue that’s impossible to paint over. However, by following a few steps, painting your walls after removing your wallpaper is doable. Consider the following tools and steps to get started