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No, it's not safe to drill into something unidentified. White PVC is most commonly used for waste water (and vents, which are connected to the waste water lines but carry sewer gas to a vent the roof) and central vac. Schedule 20 is used for central
When it comes to cabinets, a lot hinges on the hinges. Their style and functionality have a huge effect on the overall appearance and performance of your cabinets and doors, maybe as much as the choice of wood or finish. The good news is that a wide
The following is all my opinion~ Quote: Homeowners always seriously overfasten drywall. 5" spacing on the butt joints is fine, but not necessary at the corners. Four or five nails or screws on a four foot corner joint is plenty
Start soaking up an oil spill in the driveway with kitty litter, sawdust, baking soda or cornstarch before cleaning the area with. .