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Pa (Pascal) is a unit of pressure (air or hydraulic pressure). It's a very tiny unit, usually used in the thousands or millions. "inch" in this context is "inches of water", another unit of pressure
6. 3. Cutting the hole in the wall for the connecting piping(1) Cut a 80 mm (3-5/32 in
I am having new galvanized steel ductwork installed in my attic, replacing the old flex duct that was there. What is the correct gauge sheet metal that should be used? The contractor says he will use 26 gauge for supply and return trunks, and 30 gaug
Our master bedroom is considerably warmer than the living/dining/kitchen area of our house, and we've been setting the thermostat quite lower than we'd like in order for the bedroom to get cool enough at night to sleep in. Upon exiting the bedroom in
Rovac Systems makes a dryer duct cleaning system. A basic kit consists of: a vacuum with 12 foot section of 3" ID hose (P/N 8581 or 8501) a Wye pipe (P/N 8521) a 25-feet "residential rod kit" (P/N 5185) which consists of: a RodCaddy 8 3-feet resident
One purpose for the vent is to remove lingering odors. Venting high has to do with peoples noses and, once upon a time, truly noxious gas; restrooms today are not as toxic as they once were. Still, if the gases are vented downward, they are less like
There are a few ways to accomplish this. On the cheap DIY side, you could cut a few pieces of tight fitting cardboard (stack them and tape them together) to create a plug. I would punch a couple small holes in it and make a rope handle to pull it out
It looks like water damage to me. Likely either a roof leak or a condensation problem with one of the ducts (or something else entirely that you don't know is there?). It's also possible for the leak to be elsewhere above the ducts and this is just w
Cable Rating Plenum rated cable is only necessary for a space, usually above a ceiling or below a floor, that can serve as a receiving chamber for air that has been heated or cooled to be distributed to inhabited areas. You should be fine with riser
Joist Panning(Lining) seems to still be popular. However, a have read in a few places that joist panning is difficult to seal and can pull air from unconditioned spaces. I am looking for an alternative to replace joist panning that is easier to seal