Electric blackout blinds


“Electric blackout blinds” are refer to free hanging roller blinds or cassetted roller blinds using a blackout fabric. Free hanging roller blinds will, of course let in light around the outside of the blind. Cassetted blinds are optionally available with side and/or bottom guides allowing up to 99.99% light exclusion.

Motor Brand, Size and Power

The Better Blind Company is able to supply electric blackout blinds using components from leading automation brands including Somfy and Nice. Electric Blackout Blinds can be automated using 12v battery power, or 24v and 240v mains power. We will take into account the size, control method and usage of the blind to determine which brand, size of motor to recommend and how it is powered.


Better Blind Company is able to source blackout fabrics from leading brands such as Mermet, Louvolite and Eclipse.

Operation Method

There are multiple options for controlling electric blackout blinds, including...

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Freehanging roller blinds

Freehanging roller blinds leak light around the edges. There's always a gap and if you're sensitive to light this can pose a real problem.

Case Blackout Roller Blinds - 240v

These offer a virtual 100% blackout - with the fabric closing within side channels. Ours are supplied with a 'Zip' system that holds the blind fabric in place in the side channels. Need to be powered by a 240v motor.

Cellular/ pleated freehanging blinds - 24v or battery

If your blinds are fitted inside a recess cellular pleated blinds offer superior blackout to standard freehanging roller blinds. They are fitted flush to the top with much smaller gaps at the sides.

Pleated blinds are an 'as good as it gets' blackout solution for those who want a discreet, superior blackout without side channels or cassettes.

They also work well behind a secondary blind or even shutters - as they are slimline and take up minimal...

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Electric blackout blinds eliminate light almost completely, making them the perfect window shading system for homes, offices or boardrooms that need light prevented from entering a room. Blackout blinds also boost energy savings by insulating the room as air is trapped between the window pane and blind fabric. This double glazing effect also considerably reduces noise and enhances the sense of privacy.

Electric blackout blinds can be worked from a single motor, or several blinds can be linked and operated as a group.

The motorised option is ideal for those hard to reach places that would not be accessible otherwise. Our electric blackout blinds are fitted with the quietest motors available offering 37db for whisper quiet operation. The motors are incorporated into an enclosed headbox and come complete with side channels achieving virtual blackout. Fabrics are fitted with a zip system which locates into the side channel keeping the fabric taught over 100% of the drop,...

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Featuring plain, patterned & textured blackout fabrics, our range of made to measure Electric Blackout Roller Blinds has something for every taste & interior style.

All of our blackout rollers feature a 3-pass blackout fabric made up of a 100% polyester fabric on the front/interior side, a colour co-ordinated acrylic backing & a blackout layer sandwiched in-between. As a result, whether you choose a light or dark fabric the blackout effectiveness will be the same. As well as having blackout qualities, the 3-pass fabric provides fantastic thermal insulation properties too keeping warmth inside the property during the colder months & blocking the sun's heat during the Summer.

Where to use an electric blackout roller blind?

Electric Blackout Roller Blinds are perfect for rooms where you want to block out as much daylight as possible & achieve complete privacy. They are our most popular blinds for bedrooms & nurseries as they prevent the majority of bright sunlight...

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Published by Aiace Bianchi at September 23rd, 2017

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We manufacture and fit all types of electric window blind. From standard office electric window blinds to blinds for the largest glazed atrium. From light-filter to blackout. From one pair of curtains to full stage systems. Either manual, electric or automatic operation. And we do so throughout the UK.

That includes: Electric Venetian Blinds. Electric Roller Blinds. Electric Blackout Blinds. Vertical Blinds. Curtains & Tracks.

We design, manufacture and fit electric blinds within the UK to any size you need them. Better still, we do it on time, on spec and on budget.

Increasingly, architects and designers are called upon to produce electric blind systems that will play a dual role: (1) of filtering light for normal office and home purposes and (2) of completely blacking out the same room...

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I've looked at the questions that have already been posed and they go some of the way to the situation I have. I will attempt to remove the cassette that houses an electric motor and the sidebars as per the descriptions I have read.

In my case, the black material that forms the blackout blind on the Velux window has small, round plastic grips positioned all along the edge of the material and these fit/slide into the groove in the bars that are attached to the side of the window. It is these plastic 'poppers' that have come out of the groove (caused by friends who thought the blind operated manually and pulled at the material rather than operating the remote).

My question is how do I re-thread these plastic poppers into both side bar grooves and achieve the appropriate degree of tension once I have dismantled the cassette? Particularly as they are driven along their grooves by the remote.Is it obvious? If anyone has experience of this, I would appreciate a reply and...

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Blackout blinds are available in assortment of styles. The oldest styles are vertical, and roller blinds. Modern offices typically use vertical blinds to regulate the amount of light entering a room; however, light often enters through the sides. The effectiveness of vertical blinds depends on proper instillation as well as colour and material. Roller blinds are not as popular as in years past mainly because the mechanics in the roller break down easily but is not the case anymore with Deans electric roller blinds which are of guaranteed durable quality. Made out of various fabrics, if fitted to a window properly, they controlled temperature and light.

Vertical Blackout Blinds

These blinds can be purchased in many different colours and styles, but they may possibly not keep all of the light out. Even if placed in an exterior window, light is probably going to seep in through the sides of vertical blinds. It is possible to partially correct this problem by not...

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Our blackout fabric blinds offer an acceptable level of blackout for the vast majority of customer requirements but please note, like other suppliers, we are referring to the fabric being blackout and whilst no light will pass directly through it, there will be bleeding of light around the blind edges and any overlaps.

How Do Blackout Blinds Work?

They sit neatly inside the window frame, providing a subtle way to create darkness at any time. Installing a blackout blind couldn't be simpler – you can find more information on fitting your chosen blind in our fitting guides.

Measuring Your Blackout Blinds

To find out more about measuring for your blackout blinds, take a look at our measuring guide. If you'd like more information, or advice on choosing the right type of blackout blind, get in touch with us...

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High quality, modern blind which perfectly fits into your window with aluminium side channels for a tight, lightproof seal. Provides complete daylight control at your fingertips. With a reflective aluminium coating on the rearside which reflects heat from the sun in summer whilst retaining heat in the winter. Great for installing in bedrooms, children's rooms and home cinemas. Fits all Velux MK06 windows. Electronically operated for use with Velux Integra electric roof windows only.

Fits all MK06 Windows Polyester & Aluminium 3 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee (T&Cs Apply) Blackout 24/7 Sleek & Elegant Finish Simple to Use Velux Installation System


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If you're looking for the ultimate blackout effect in your bedroom or nursery (or any room for that matter), then this is the ultimate blackout blind.

Standard dim-out roller blinds fall short as a blackout blind due to one unavoidable issue, which is the light that passes around the edge of the blind.

There's a Black Out blind to take care of every window type. In it's simplest form, it's a roller blind with a head box, side channels and a bottom channel with excludes the light from edges of the recess.

We manufacture most of these products in-house, and can offer manual or electric operation. Our domestic model currently only comes with white hardware, but the colour of the fabric can be virtually anything you choose.

If you have a project where colour matched hardware is required, please get in touch and we'll try to help by having the metalwork painted (additional costs apply)....

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We are one of the UK’s leading installers of “240 volt” mains powered electric blinds, we can also supply and fit battery powered electronic blind systems. We can supply both remote control shading or wall controlled setups. We work 7 days a week and offer free quotes and installation throughout the country.

On top of that we will even measure your windows for free, we have one of the largest ranges of fabrics to choose from and our colour choice is enormous. If you are interested in an electrically operated blind system please feel free to give us a call, alternatively we can off free quotes via our online quote form. Simply fill in the details of the blinds you require, submit the form and we will supply you with a price.

Winter is on the way and as you know blinds also keep the heat in, we have some amazing deals available on all our shading systems. Why not give us a call? Window automation prices are at an all time low so why not...

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When it comes to choosing beautiful blinds for your home or conservatory, consider the motorised options to give you the ultimate comfort and control. With innovative Duette® energy saving electric blinds you can control the look of your home at just the touch of a button.

Controls can be fitted to the wall, or you may prefer the wired and battery powered installation. Make yourself at home with motorised electric blinds, which are the perfect way to improve your property.

There are many excellent benefits when you opt for Duette® energy saving blinds, and when you also choose motorisation, you’ll get the ultimate combination of style and...

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Double pleated room darkening skylight blinds are solar powered or manually operated, and feature blackout cloth with a honeycomb structure that are energy-efficient and have a sleek design.

Skylight blackout blinds can convert day into night, blocking even the brightest sunlight, which makes it ideal for rooms that require total room darkening, such as bedrooms. VELUX offers flat fabric or double pleated blinds in both solar and manual operation.

Solar skylight blinds are powered by a battery, which is charged by the sun and thus does not require wiring at installation. Simply snap into place and operate with an included keypad remote.

VELUX blind kit adapter enables older model skylights (prior to Jan 2010) to be fitted with any current model skylight blind. Available as a special...

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