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you have a switch on the boat that changes the shore power polarity?? motors and fans and everything will work either way. the reverse polarity is all about safety. not stuff working
The first thing that comes to mind for me, would be to attach multiple gears to a long axle driven by a motor. Since you don't want to drive all the winches at once, you'd have to devise a way for the axle to spin independently of each gear. So the f
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I am here to help you resolve problems with your heating and cooling equipment. First, lets not let the outdoor run with the indoor unit not running. Switch the thermostat from Cool to Off or turn the temp up
New Augmented Reality iPad App for Cyclo BBB Sumitomo Drive Technologies is proud to introduce the PT Experience: Cyclo®BBB. The new Augmented Reality (AR) mobile app, available exclusively for the Apple iPad, offers three main functions: a customiza
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Twin pump Constant pressure cold water booster sets are designed to increase the pressure of the water services within a building where the existing feed tank or incoming mains are not capable of supplying suitable system pressure. Incorporating ESER