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Neutral is not ground. Neutral is the desired current return, ground is a safety device only. Let's look at some fault conditions, and we'll lead up to the problem with the bootleg ground
Ground and neutral are not parallel neutrals. I know it looks that way because they're bonded in the main panel. But shift into a different way of thinking about the purposes of the 2 wires
Without actually seeing the installation, I'm simply guessing here. They could be referring to National Electrical Code 230. 24(A)ex
This appears to be one of those places where things are muddled because the case is not clearly called out specfically - but the contrary case is mentioned. Threaded RMC connections are tapered pipe threads, designed to hold pressure, as they are use
If you have two breakers of the same type, the one in the house is much more likely to trip, because current is pulled through that one to get to the other one. Breakers trip on heat, so it's a race between the two, and the one feeding the second get
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I'm not sure where you live but US code calls for a minimum of #8 if you're using copper or #6 if you're using aluminum. There would be no advantage in using a larger wire size in this case because at 30ft you will have negligible losses. I don't kno