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Apart from what code requires, there are various things that you might choose to do, depending on your mindset, that are not code required (nor do they conflict with code. ) For instance, I prefer to keep all lighting circuits completely separate fro
When I had the piping of my house redone, they left most of the old pipe for cold water in the wall. This is a 18mm steel pipe which runs vertically through (almost) three storeys. Currently, I am redoing the top storey and strongly believe it is a g
250ft from main panel in house to greenhouse out back. Greenhouse will have propane heater and one 120v outlet. Today I dug 100 ft trench to the house 1ft deep
Brushed Nickel 1-light Mini-Pendant Model P5011-09 By Progress 1672NI 5-Light Hendrik Incandescent Chandelier, Brushed Nickel of extra lead wire and 36-Inch of brushed nickel stem me a discount so I can go purchase replacement With a brushed-nickel f
In North American practice, neutral is connected to ground in precisely one location. That is in the main panel, as close as possible to the current source. The reasons for this are well answered elsewhere on this forum