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The previous replies are my main grip! Boy did I get your attention? Really, they are all exactly right. 6'/10'/25' etc. My gripe is that several areas in the NEC leaves it to the judgement of the authority having juisdiction
You can use UF cable any place where you might use NM-B cable indoors. Art 334 is NM cable Art 340 is UF cable NEC 2011 Article 340 Underground Feeder and Branch-Circuit Cable: Type UF II. Installation 340
Wire gauge is decided by what NEC requires (and those are in stair-steps) and what your electrical distributor has in stock. So with numbers as close as 100A vs 125A, you might get lucky: imagine the original installer found #2 wire was good for 95A,
This is the code section : Number of Devices in Panelboards; A maximum of 42 overcurrent devices (excluding the main device) are permitted to be installed in a lighting / and appliance branch circuit panelboard per NEC Section 384-15. In addition, a
If your device is drawing too much power, and is causing the breaker to trip. It means the device is too large for the circuit, and the breaker is doing the job it was designed to do. Making an "automatic breaker turner on-er" is not likely the best
Bonded ground/neutralIf you have the neutral and ground bonded at a subpanel, then you'll get neutral return current through the ground wire back to the main panel (since there are now multiple paths). Even worse, as @Tester101 points out, if the neu
Take a lump of graphite - a bunch of carbon atoms - put it under enormous pressure for a long time, and you've got diamond, the hardest substance on Earth. That's nature's best example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. Well, build
Normally when running metal conduit to a box I use a connector that is inserted into the box with a locknut. Now I'm using 1-1/2 PVC and I need to connect it to the sub-panel. From what I could figure out at Lowes is to connect the conduit to the pan
We redid our bathrooms and had an electrician come in and put in new wiring for outlets, heater/fan/lights and heated floors. He had to replace the electrical panel, because the house is older (1956) and didn't have enough space to accomplish the tas
I am wiring a house that I built, and code says I need an AFCI for the bedroom circuit. The panel that I will be installing this AFCI breaker in is a subpanel, so my ground/neutrals are on 2 separate buses on opposite sides of the breaker panel. Can