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Closest thing to what you ask for that would be legal and safe is a simple interlock. Happens to be my preferred method - it's cheap, and it lets me choose what to power without any sudden need for creative rewiring in the dark. Depending on what you
1 Determine load. Based on the load you want to serve, (meaning how much current in amps will be needed from the outlets) a 14-2 Romex® cable, which is a relatively thin cable suitable for up to 15 amps (or 12 amps continuous load) could be selected.
Inspect the wiringPhoto 1: Wire repairInspect the wires for damage. Repair breaks with twist-on connectors. Splice in new wire to add length and allow for connections
First time here, so be kind with me, if this not the right forum to post. I have (maybe) experienced an electrostatic discharge (ESD) from a computer case some days before, and I'd like to hear your opinions on this accident. A computer case at my wo
I know that I can save some money by buying a smaller size ground wire. I cant find a calculator to figure it out. What would be the minimum size wire that I could get for the ground wire for a 300' run? Get a copy of the local electric codes and/or
Storm Season Lightning is a common cause of failures in photovoltaic (PV) and wind-electric systems. A damaging surge can occur from lightning that strikes a long distance from the system, or even between clouds. But most lightning damage is preventa
The previous replies are my main grip! Boy did I get your attention? Really, they are all exactly right. 6'/10'/25' etc. My gripe is that several areas in the NEC leaves it to the judgement of the authority having juisdiction
You can use UF cable any place where you might use NM-B cable indoors. Art 334 is NM cable Art 340 is UF cable NEC 2011 Article 340 Underground Feeder and Branch-Circuit Cable: Type UF II. Installation 340
Wire gauge is decided by what NEC requires (and those are in stair-steps) and what your electrical distributor has in stock. So with numbers as close as 100A vs 125A, you might get lucky: imagine the original installer found #2 wire was good for 95A,
This is the code section : Number of Devices in Panelboards; A maximum of 42 overcurrent devices (excluding the main device) are permitted to be installed in a lighting / and appliance branch circuit panelboard per NEC Section 384-15. In addition, a