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As other comments have stated, it is likely an AFCI or (more likely) a GFCI breaker. Can you determine where that circuit goes? Knowing its termination would help, since some areas, like bathrooms and laundry rooms, are more likely to validate that.
Cable companies should not be penetrating the building with cables like the way you describe. Water can flow down this wire and into the building if it's not sealed properly. And if it is sealed properly, if the wire is able to be moved in and out be
Hi All, Wasn't sure whether to put this in electrical or plumbing, but since I didn't see anything about water pumps, I figured I'd run it by you guys. I have a 3/4HP well pump, less than 10 years old, which has worked flawlessly until the past month
That Federal Pacific panel has to go as they are dangerous. As far as concerns about your skill, you sound like that particular kind of newbie who is well capable of learning to do it all safely and well; however my hunch is you are still thinking to
in theory. . 1 pole will give you 120v, and the 2 pole will give you 240 v reality
Breakers protect wires. The wire to the sub-panel can only be protected by the breaker in the main panel, and that must be correct for the wire's type and size. Like Ed Beal says, you don't need a master breaker in a sub-panel
You have a panel with 12 spaces and you are using 4. Just move the red wire to an AFCI in a new space in the panel. I would also move the lower black wire to where the red wire is now, so it becomes visually obvious that both wires are meant to be on
The older federal pioneer stab locks had a really bad reputation, I thought they went out of business years ago. Look for burning at the breaker contact points, if all looks good try flipping the breaker on and off 10 times. If you now have power and
A cellphone charger is an inconsequential load. The lamp would also be inconsequential if you'd put LED bulbs in it. The laptop certainly uses less than 10% of the circuit's capacity, maybe even 3-5%