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You have a panel with 12 spaces and you are using 4. Just move the red wire to an AFCI in a new space in the panel. I would also move the lower black wire to where the red wire is now, so it becomes visually obvious that both wires are meant to be on
The older federal pioneer stab locks had a really bad reputation, I thought they went out of business years ago. Look for burning at the breaker contact points, if all looks good try flipping the breaker on and off 10 times. If you now have power and
A cellphone charger is an inconsequential load. The lamp would also be inconsequential if you'd put LED bulbs in it. The laptop certainly uses less than 10% of the circuit's capacity, maybe even 3-5%
Ground and neutral are not parallel neutrals. I know it looks that way because they're bonded in the main panel. But shift into a different way of thinking about the purposes of the 2 wires
Get a different electrician and/or make your power company come back. It sounds like your losing one leg of your service. The reason your cooktop control sends it into remission now is that it starts by backfeeding the bad side of your service which
I did not notice you said detached garage in the first post. If the garage is detached from the house then the first panel in the house is a sub-panel and requires ground rods. Any panel fed from the first house panel requires a 4-wire feed but does
STUFF Ashhurst residents want to know who's paying for damage to their houses. Some Manawatu residents are angry, confused and cold after a powercut blew their heating and appliances. A cluster of Ashhurst families are sleeping in chilly houses follo
Is it normal for a heavy load appliance to cause a circuit breaker to feel warm? Would something like a clothes dryer that had been operating for over 45 minutes or maybe an oven that been heating to 450 degrees cause the breaker to feel warm? After
Rust, the most familiar example of corrosion Volcanic gases have accelerated the extensive corrosion of this abandoned mining machinery, rendering it almost unrecognizable Corrosion on exposed metal, including a bolt and nut Corrosion is a natural pr