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The only reason to replace the entire box is if aesthetics: if there isn't enough room on the wall for two boxes, or the box is in a closet or cabinet where there isn't physical space. Putting in a new breaker box is much easier than replacing an ent
You should disconnect all power to your sub-panel (turn off your main breaker and your generator). Be absolutely sure the power is off to avoid serious injury or worse. I'd suggest using a voltage sensor pen to verify the panel is cold
Santa Cruz County, CA, USA I'm in the process of building an outdoor office in my back yard (mainly as a "man cave" and quiet place to work from home). The picture makes it look large but it's actually just a 10 x 12 shed. Core construction is comple
The rod must be at least 8 feet in the ground, and should be below or flush with the ground level. If the electrode is above the ground, it has to be protected from physical damage. So if the rod is 8 feet in the ground, you'll simply have to protect
I would be more worried about fused breaker contacts and damaged breakers from the lightning surge. I can't say whether or not lightning damaged your wire insulation but megging isn't a guarantee either. $150 per circuit is highway robbery
I am installing a rooftop antenna on the end of my house, opposite the end where the ground rod is located. I plan to install a new 8' ground rod on the ground directly under the antenna. I need to connect (bond) the new ground rod to the old ground
If you own the building, and provide "continuous building management supervision". Then yes, the panel can be locked up. Otherwise, no
Amp - Abbreviation for ampere, the measure of the rate of flow of electric current. Arc-fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) - A breaker that shuts off current in a circuit instantly when an arc fault is detected. Code-required for bedroom circuits began