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I would be more worried about fused breaker contacts and damaged breakers from the lightning surge. I can't say whether or not lightning damaged your wire insulation but megging isn't a guarantee either. $150 per circuit is highway robbery
I am installing a rooftop antenna on the end of my house, opposite the end where the ground rod is located. I plan to install a new 8' ground rod on the ground directly under the antenna. I need to connect (bond) the new ground rod to the old ground
If you own the building, and provide "continuous building management supervision". Then yes, the panel can be locked up. Otherwise, no
Amp - Abbreviation for ampere, the measure of the rate of flow of electric current. Arc-fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) - A breaker that shuts off current in a circuit instantly when an arc fault is detected. Code-required for bedroom circuits began
Up until 2011 the National Electrical Code allowed a "3 wire" method of connecting a sub-panel. This means you have the two "hot" wires and a neutral running to the sub-panel as opposed to the "4 wire" method where you add a separate equipment ground
Concurring mostly with Some Guy's answer here -- the reason why I take an aggressive tone in my other answers regarding FPE is because many of the OPs are coming to us because they want to do something to the breaker box, such as adding a new circuit
Without actually seeing the installation, I'm simply guessing here. They could be referring to National Electrical Code 230. 24(A)ex