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This appears to be one of those places where things are muddled because the case is not clearly called out specfically - but the contrary case is mentioned. Threaded RMC connections are tapered pipe threads, designed to hold pressure, as they are use
I have read the original posts here, but just want to make sure I am correct. Just bought a new dryer (been using mother nature for the past year) I have 50 amp (double pole) breakers in my service panel, labeled "Range Basement" (must have been a ra
My city uses 2011 NEC. I would like to install a 125 Amp rated Spa Panel as a subpanel directly below my 200 Amp main circuit breaker panel to be able to use two 50 Amp GFI circuits. I already have this Spa Panel with a breaker and would like to use
Bryant Low voltage relays are no longer made. However the GE RR7 is a direct replacement. Google "GE RR7" or talk to an electrical supply house in your area
I had the same issue. My detector beeped loudly once a minute; and another one beeped once a minute, so beeps were heard every 30 seconds from 2 detectors. I vacuumed the units, turned off circuit breaker, disconnected wire unit from detectors, repla
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I'm sure you know this, but you definitely want to replace any Federal Pacific breakers in your house, as they're known to not trip, overheat, and/or catch fire! You might give the box a close inspection, my in-laws house has a Federal Pacific panel
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Apart from what code requires, there are various things that you might choose to do, depending on your mindset, that are not code required (nor do they conflict with code. ) For instance, I prefer to keep all lighting circuits completely separate fro
Up until 2011 the National Electrical Code allowed a "3 wire" method of connecting a sub-panel. This means you have the two "hot" wires and a neutral running to the sub-panel as opposed to the "4 wire" method where you add a separate equipment ground