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More than likely the problem is in the fixture that went out first. It could also be a problem with the switch itself or possibly damage to the wires from the switch to the lights. With the breaker off, open the fixtures and inspect them for obvious
I'm in an American house sitting in a jurisdiction that applies NEC 2014 unaltered. I've got a home office room with all the outlets on one 20A circuit. It is legal to 2014 code in all respects
Yes. I fit steel junction boxes in places the old wires can reach. Then run EMT conduit between the panel and those boxes
I'm considering replacing an outdoor lighting fixture with an LED motion-sensitive fixture, but I'm not sure how to safely do the wiring. The location is protected (under a porch) but still needs to be weatherproof. Here's the existing fixture and mo
Even for a novice, I would suggest basic, inexpensive test equipment like a $20 Kill-a-Watt, sold on Amazon or Menards (there are also more featureful alternatives for a little more money). If you're blowing a lot of stuff, my first thought is you ha
It isn't unsafe, it's just generally pointless. You aren't required to put your bathroom lights on a GFCI, just the outlets that you can plug equipment like the ancient hair dryer into. EDIT: I guess I glossed over the fact that the UL listing on the
In my 15-year old home, two, 3-way switches in our kitchen suddenly began behaving strangely. The switches control the overhead florescent lights over the island in our kitchen. They are on a circuit controlled by a switch breaker
I have recently moved into a new property and all light fittings came with no shaders/were pretty basic. I have then proceeded to (safely) remove the light fitting of the living room, replaced it with a proper pendant lamp, and reattached it. It work
It's not enough to get any dimmer. You need a dimmer that is compatible with your LED system. That's a hard find, and diy